Joint Op­er­a­tions


to carry out joint op­er­a­tions, na­tions have to have a long his­tory of close re­la­tions and deep con­ver­gence of strate­gic in­ter­ests. in­dia has al­ways been hes­i­tant to join any mil­i­tary al­liance, ex­cept the united na­tions which in­volves in car­ry­ing out joint mil­i­tary op­er­a­tions. dur­ing 2005, Ad­mi­ral Michael G. Mullen, the uS navyÕs chief of naval op­er­a­tions while speak­ing at the Sev­en­teenth in­ter­na­tional Seapower Sym­po­sium at the uS naval War col­lege, asked the worldÕs mar­itime na­tions to raise what he called a Òt­hou­sand-ship navyÓ to pro­vide for the se­cu­rity of the mar­itime domain in the 21st cen­tury. He also can­didly ad­mit­ted to the as­sem­bled chiefs of navy and their rep­re­sen­ta­tives from 75 coun­tries that Òthe uS navy can­not, by it­self, pre­serve the free­dom and se­cu­rity of the en­tire mar­itime domain. the re­sponse had been se­lec­tive from a large num­ber of mar­itime na­tions in­clud­ing in­dia as it is keen to pre­serve its ÔS­trate­gic Au­ton­o­myÕ­for the present.

Joint Train­ing

this is one area where the in­dian navy has been very ac­tive and con­duct four ex­er­cises with the uS navy. the ex­er­cises are Mal­abar, Habu nag, Spit­ting co­bra and Salvex. Habu nag is an am­phibi­ous ta­ble-top ex­er­cise, Spit­ting co­bra is an ex­plo­sive ord­nance de­mo­li­tion ex­er­cise and Salvex is a sal­vage ex­er­cise. Mal­abar is the high­est pro­file an­nual ex­er­cise which be­gan in 1992 and in­cludes di­verse naval ac­tiv­i­ties to in­clude fighter com­bat op­er­a­tions from air­craft

S-70B He­li­copter

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