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Re­cently, in a news­pa­per, we saw you name in a list of five main un­der­rated ac­tors, and peo­ple said that this guy can do re­ally well, but he is un­der­rated. How do you feel about that? Manali Jha (Te­lan­gana)

DEEPAK DOBRIYAL: No, I am over­rated, se­ri­ously. I want to do more; I want to learn more. What hap­pens is peo­ple say un­der­rated, and that be­comes a term, like char­ac­ter artiste. There are a few neg­a­tive things in the in­dus­try. How can you call some­one char­ac­ter artiste? This is ac­tu­ally a very big tal­ent. Whether it is hero or hero­ine, ev­ery­one wants to be one or the other char­ac­ter. Or else, why would some­one wear a dif­fer­ent cos­tume or try to learn an­other lan­guage? Ev­ery­one wants to be a char­ac­ter, but some peo­ple are not able to do it. The one who can ac­tu­ally do it, is la­beled in a neg­a­tive man­ner as so-and-so artist. What­ever it is, it is plain that in this in­dus­try, money is the thing that, leads ev­ery­thing. I be­lieve that I am over­rated the way I am get­ting films.

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