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you. In our per­sonal lives, there’s a whole study on auras of peo­ple, where their en­er­gies res­onate with dif­fer­ent colour fre­quen­cies. So, I feel you can be as trans­par­ent and true to your­self by be­ing colour­ful, it’s pos­si­ble.

The trailer of Raees has made a mark amongst the masses, but do you think politi­cians should re­frain from in­ter­fer­ing in the cre­ative field of film­mak­ing, or some­times things go over­board? I don’t think so we should go back in time. Enough has been spo­ken about it. In all hon­esty, if you put your opin­ions across about cer­tain sit­u­a­tions, or if you try to sum them up in one line, more of­ten than not, it gets taken out of con­text. Th­ese are larger di­a­logues, larger and deeper dis­cus­sions with many par­ties, and I don’t mean po­lit­i­cal par­ties, but like play­ers in films and in so­ci­ety, that needs to hap­pen. So the kind of so­ci­ety that we want to be in, is where every­one plays a part in it. It’s not just the peo­ple who are in films or peo­ple who be­long to po­lit­i­cal cir­cles. Ev­ery sin­gle per­son needs to work very con­sciously to de­cide what kind of so­ci­ety we want to func­tion in, be­cause we make up so­ci­ety.

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