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What do you think about the pa­parazzi? You go for an event which is re­lated to your job and if the me­dia asks you ques­tions there, it is un­der­stood. But when I am walk­ing with my son for in­stance, shop­ping in a mall, and there I am hounded, I think that is not a cool thing. If I am hav­ing a cof­fee or an ice cream with some­one or I am just get­ting in and out of an air­port where I am in my own space, then you should ask me be­fore shoot­ing me. But if I put my hand up and ask you not to, and still you go on, and I get an­gry, I am clicked more. The more you stop them the more they click, they love that mo­ment when you are an­gry with your hand up. This is the pic­ture they wanted, they don’t want you to be smil­ing at them, that is like rou­tine. They want you to prob­a­bly rush, so that they can have a pic­ture of Ar­baaz in an an­gry mood.

But today, some young celebri­ties like pa­parazzi’s pres­ence on their ar­rival. Me­dia re­ceives mes­sages about their ar­rival at the air­port with the flight de­tails, what would you say about this? You get all of that? But the celebri­ties are not per­son­ally send­ing you those mes­sages, right? May be it is com­ing from the of­fices or from the air­lines them­selves. It’s like some­times you en­ter a restau­rant and you are go­ing to be there for a cou­ple of hours, the mo­ment you en­ter, the restau­rant guy will call up some jour­nal­ist and give the in­for­ma­tion. And it doesn’t take long for any­one to sit on a bike and come. In any case, peo­ple are all over the place. They all do it for their own rea­sons.

You hosted a tele­vi­sion show re­cently. Why did you take up the medium so late in your ca­reer? What­ever good comes my way at what­ever stage, I take that up, and ex­per­i­ment. It is not that I had of­fers of some in­ter­est­ing tele­vi­sion shows and I re­fused them. Some­times things fall apart only be­cause the kind of com­mit­ment needed or the show is not up your al­ley. Some­times the amount of work or ef­fort you want to give is not backed with the mone­tary re­quire­ment you have. So there are a lot of pa­ram­e­ters for why one does cer­tain things and at what stage. When it came my way I was in­ter­ested in the show, I liked the con­cept and I wanted to do it. Also, there was a win­dow for me to take on the show for that amount of time. For al­most two months of my life I was work­ing for 16 hours a day. And I like the fact that there was so much re­spon­si­bil­ity given to me, and other pa­ram­e­ters were also met. When such stuff hap­pens I don’t have a prob­lem. Tele­vi­sion is a very pow­er­ful medium and it has got a big­ger reach than cin­ema. So reach­ing out there and get­ting pop­u­lar­ity is no is­sue with me, I would love to do that.

Is meati­ness in a role a pa­ram­e­ter you con­sider? I would say the strength of a role is more im­por­tant than the length of a role. If a char­ac­ter has a few scenes but they are em­bed­ded very strongly in the script with plot points which are mak­ing a dif­fer­ence to the main char­ac­ters or the main plot, then I don’t mind do­ing it. I don’t need to do a char­ac­ter which is work­ing from scene one to scene two.

Any plans to do biopics? I know it’s the new fad and ev­ery­body is try­ing to do it. I’m sure this genre will con­tinue to be. Even in Hol­ly­wood, biopics have worked for years and have never gone out of fash­ion. But I wouldn’t fol­low it just be­cause it is some­thing new. Peo­ple have started mak­ing films on peo­ple’s lives and what­ever. I don’t feel the need to join the band­wagon. Un­til I don’t find a story which is ex­cit­ing enough to tell, I don’t think I will make one. Right now, there is def­i­nitely noth­ing on the hori­zon.

Today, many ac­tors sing songs or two in their films. Why don’t we see you singing in any film, would it be very dif­fi­cult for you? Be­cause it is some­thing I like do­ing, not some­thing I am ex­tremely good at. But I can get good at it if I train, it is some­thing I am pas­sion­ate about. I love singing, mu­sic is my com­pan­ion when I am spend­ing a lot of time alone. I play mu­sic de­pend­ing on the mood I am in or want to be in. It is pretty much med­i­ta­tive for me.

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