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Your film Ka­haani and Ka­haani2 were block­buster hits. As a very big fan of your work, I would re­ally love to know which Hindi films and di­rec­tors have in­spired you to write such amaz­ing pieces of work? Har­leen Kaur, (Pun­jab)

SU­JOY GHOSH: Thank you. There are so many di­rec­tors that if I start count­ing, it’ll be a never-end­ing list. I am not very fussy about films, so I have re­ally en­joyed all kinds of films in my life, whether it’s by Satya­jit Ray or Man­mo­han De­sai, Yash Cho­pra, David Dhawan or R.D Bur­man. There is noth­ing that I have not seen. My in­spi­ra­tion comes from ev­ery­body who has made a film. But in par­tic­u­lar, I like Satya­jit Ray,’s style of story-telling. I am very much in awe of Yash Cho­pra’s ver­sa­til­ity at telling a story. Peo­ple like Man­mo­han De­sai and Prakash Mehra could make you be­lieve in things. That’s the power of sto­ry­telling, mak­ing you be­lieve things you would oth­er­wise not be­lieve in. All of them were great peo­ple.

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