Prab­has Men Envy, Girls Adore!

Af­ter the stu­pen­dous suc­cess of Bahubali and Bahubali2: The Con­clu­sion, PRAB­HAS has be­come the most cel­e­brated poster boy across the na­tion. Women of all shapes and sizes are swoon­ing over his ma­cho per­son­al­ity. Not only that, he’s be­ing wooed and toasted

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He’s the face that launched a 1,000 crore film like Bahubali. Yes, no brainer this, we are talk­ing about the mag­i­cal Prab­has who has turned all the Bol­ly­wood su­per­stars’ box of­fice num­ber games, topsy-turvy. To­day, fresh from the su­per suc­cess of Dan­gal, even Aamir Khan marvels at the unimag­in­able frenzy of Bahubali and Prab­has, which has sur­passed all ex­pec­ta­tions and bro­ken all kinds of records. To­day, Prab­has is said to be the hottest guy in the na­tion and women of all na­tion­al­i­ties are clam­our­ing to get a piece of him. Not far be­hind are our very own Bol­ly­wood’s sex­i­est hero­ines from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt who are vy­ing with each other to work with him. So far Ka­t­rina Kaif, in fact, trumped her com­peti­tors by pip­ing them at the post by be­ing the first to be­ing of­fered a film with Prab­has. And if that’s not rea­son enough to pop the bub­bly, what else is? But it is a fact that Prab­has is in­deed get­ting all the women in Tin­sel Town in a tizzy per­haps even leav­ing our Bol­ly­wood su­per he­roes a lit­tle left out. So what is with this phe­nom­e­non called Prab­has who has stormed the bas­tions of the big­gest su­per­stars in Bol­ly­wood to emerge tri­umphant and on the top?

The South­ern Con­queror Some time ago, most South film he­roes ex­cept for the great Tha­laivar Ra­jnikant and the su­per tal­ented Ka­mal Haasan, shied away from try­ing their luck in Bol­ly­wood. It was sup­pos­edly said that the masses didn’t con­nect with South he­roes and so most films star­ring them – say, Na­gar­juna who was rel­a­tively suc­cess­ful in Shiva, Dhanush who made an im­pact with his power-packed per­for­mance in Raan­jhaana, Ma­hesh Babu, Chi­ran­jeevi… and so many oth­ers – de­spite them do­ing rel­a­tively well, didn’t get the col­lec­tion boxes ring­ing in plenty. So what hap­pened was that most of them re­turned to safer grounds back home, find­ing the chal­lenges in Bol­ly­wood too much to han­dle. Un­til an unas­sum­ing Prab­has de­cided to take up his very close friend Ra­jamouli’s Bahubali. And then some­thing un­ex­pected hap­pened! His­tory was rewrit­ten com­pletely leav­ing ear­lier records or the­o­ries in shreds. Prab­has not only busted old myths of South stars not mak­ing it in Bol­ly­wood, he went to con­quer the global world too!

Ob­sessed by Bahubali When Prab­has was once asked what made him pick Bahubali, he averred, “I al­ways dreamt of act­ing in a pe­riod war film. But I re­alised my dream was very small com­pared to the mag­ni­tude of Bahubali which is the big­gest ever mo­tion pic­ture on In­dian screen. I re­alised it was a life­time op­por­tu­nity and I feel for­tu­nate to be a part of a film of this mag­ni­tude.” In­ci­den­tally, be­fore star­ring in the epic Bahubali, he sup­pos­edly didn’t bother to talk about his fees, he was so cap­ti­vated by Ra­jamouli’s spec­tac­u­lar cine­matic vi­sion. Not only that for the last four years, Prab­has didn’t sign any other film, he just stayed com­pletely fo­cussed on Bahubali. Even to the ex­tent that he re­fused an en­dorse­ment deal worth 5 crores just so that he could con­cen­trate com­pletely on Bahubali. And why was that? Prab­has goes on to say that for the last four years, he was so ob­sessed with his char­ac­ter Bahubali that he would eat, breathe and live his per­sona for every sin­gle mo­ment. He knew it would take time, af­ter all a cine­matic grandeur ex­pres­sion of this scale does take time. No won­der, Prab­has quips in an in­ter­view, “Ra­jamouli told me that Bahubali would take a year and a half but I was sure it would take more time be­cause I know what a per­fec­tion he is. And it took al­most four years and for that long, I was liv­ing my char­ac­ter day in and day out.”

Crazy Frenzy As for Bahubali 2: The Con­clu­sion, Prab­has had ac­tu­ally pre­dicted be­fore the re­lease of the film that the real ex­pe­ri­ence of Bahubali would be felt only af­ter the re­lease of the se­cond part. He in fact re­vealed that since the first part had so many unan­swered ques­tions es­pe­cially one that had caught the na­tion’s imagination ‘Why did Kat­tappa kill Bahubali?’ The se­cond part would be more in­trigu­ing and looked for­ward to. …And so it was. The au­di­ence who were wait­ing with baited breath for the Bahubali 2: The Con­clu­sion, went to­tally crazy af­ter its re­lease. From queu­ing up a day be­fore to even watch­ing an early morn­ing show, the fans of Bahubali just couldn’t get enough of their favourite film. And the film was spec­tac­u­lar! It also turned out to be a hu­mon­gous grosser world­wide over and was even listed num­ber two glob­ally, sur­pass­ing top Hol­ly­wood films. As for Prab­has, the frenzy just went on to a new high. He be­came the first South hero to make it into Madam Tus­sauds. Sud­denly, he was the hottest sen­sa­tion and his fren­zied fans

re­li­giously fol­lowed and aped him. Tem­ples were built just for him and he was wor­shipped as a de­ity by a group of fren­zied lot. His fe­male fans wrote to him in blood. Sud­denly Prab­has who hith­erto had lived a quiet life be­came the fo­cus of mass ob­ses­sion. The world just couldn’t get enough of him. But the me­dia shy Prab­has in­stead of en­joy­ing the adu­la­tion, zipped off to an undis­closed desti­na­tion to re­cover and re­ju­ve­nate, af­ter all, he had given his all to Bahubali for four years. Now was the time for him to sit back and give him­self some ‘me’ time.

Prab­has, The Man In­ci­den­tally, Prab­has is con­sid­ered to be a bit of a mav­er­ick. An anom­aly for an ac­tor, he hates be­ing in the spotlight and nor­mally, shies away when it’s not nec­es­sary for him to be in it. But if we trace his foot­falls, we find out some hith­erto un­known facts about the man who made him­self the dar­ling of the na­tion. …A few years back iron­i­cally, Prab­has was ac­tu­ally try­ing to get a foothold into the Tamil film in­dus­try. But sud­denly yet surely des­tiny smiled at him, and he be­came a na­tional ob­ses­sion. And, how! Prab­has was ac­tu­ally born in Chen­nai but he de­buted in a Tel­ugu film Eesh­war in 2002. The film did just about okay. How­ever, he hit gold with the film Var­sham in Tol­ly­wood and af­ter that never looked back again. His fa­ther is a film pro­ducer and his un­cle, the fa­mous ac­tor Kr­ish­nam Raju who was also called the Rebel Star. This man­tle of the ti­tle in­ci­den­tally was handed over to Prab­has who is also known as the Rebel Star be­sides given other en­dear­ing ti­tles like ‘Dar­ling’.

Though born into a fam­ily that had its roots firmly en­trenched in the film in­dus­try, Prab­has ac­tu­ally wanted to be a hote­lier un­til thank­fully (for his zil­lions of fans) good sense pre­vailed, and he went on to be­come an ac­tor and soon enough, ended up be­com­ing one of the top he­roes of the Tel­ugu in­dus­try. Bahubali, of course, proved to be the turn­ing point of Prab­has’ life. And this mag­nif­i­cent film cat­a­pulted him into the dizzy heights of star­dom. Of course Prab­has too put in a lot of blood, tears and sweat into mak­ing his char­ac­ter larger than life more so be­cause he played two char­ac­ters – one of the fa­ther and the son, and Ra­jamouli had en­vis­aged an en­tirely con­trast­ing look for both th­ese char­ac­ters. As the fa­ther, he had to beef up and so he, along with Rana Dag­gu­bati (he played the su­per vil­lain), worked hard on their bod­ies in terms of gym­ming and diet for the last many years. In­ci­den­tally, did you know that the mak­ers of Bahubali ac­tu­ally gifted Prab­has gym equip­ment worth 15 crore? And Prab­has sin­gle-mind­edly worked out from morn­ing till even­ing un­til his body was fine-tuned to per­fec­tion for the char­ac­ter of Bahubali. Prab­has did confess that it was def­i­nitely not easy do­ing work­outs es­pe­cially af­ter a gru­elling shoot that would take place al­most 24 hours at a stretch at times, which in­cluded takes, re­takes, ac­tion. But he was de­ter­mined and be­lieved in Ra­jamouli’s vi­sion. And the re­sult was phe­nom­e­nal.

Films and more So what’s next for this won­der man? Are there any more films in the pipe­line or will he re­think his strat­egy now af­ter the stu­pen­dous suc­cess of Bahubali? Prab­has, the mav­er­ick man, how­ever, re­fuses to di­vulge de­tails. Though he does say he has signed a Hindi film, and we as­sume that’s the film with Ka­t­rina Kaif, he is rather tight-lipped about it. The only think he does say is that it is def­i­nitely not with the big daddy of Bol­ly­wood, Karan Jo­har. So we guess, we’ll just have to wait and watch.

Bahubali’s Mar­riage? As for his per­sonal life, in­ci­den­tally, Prab­has is cur­rently the most el­i­gi­ble bach­e­lor in the na­tion. And though the me­dia and his fans keep han­ker­ing to know when this gor­geous ma­cho man will tie the knot. Prab­has re­fuses to di­vulge any de­tails. How­ever, if the grapevine is to be­lieved, there is this 22-year-old girl who has been hand­picked by his par­ents for Prab­has – she is from Hy­der­abad and is an en­gi­neer - and ar­range­ments were al­most com­plete un­til he bagged Bahubali. Sup­pos­edly, Prab­has im­me­di­ately put his wed­ding plans on hold un­til he com­pleted Bahubali. But now that Bahubali is a re­sound­ing suc­cess, the buzz about Prab­has’ mar­riage are again do­ing the rounds. How­ever, the very enig­matic Prab­has still re­fuses to com­mit at least to the me­dia about his mar­riage. So till he ac­tu­ally gets mar­ried, all you girls out there, go ahead, make your moves, af­ter all he’s the hottest sen­sa­tion to­day. He’s def­i­nitely worth it!

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