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You have won the hearts of the au­di­ence af­ter giv­ing an in­cred­i­ble per­for­mance in Haraam Khor. And you have been a the­atre artiste too. Is there a dif­fer­ence in re­sponse when it comes to the­atre and films? What kind of re­sponse for you seems to be more ful­fill­ing? — So­nia Lakhani (Leh)

The­atre is live, you feel it and you can hear the au­di­ence laugh – their re­ac­tions. Masaan ki screen­ing ke liye, hum bethe the sunne ke liye, kya hua? Kaisa laga? With the­atre, it is spot on, we had a show a few hours ago as well, so we were aware of which punches were work­ing and which ones weren’t. You re­ally grow with the same per­for­mance and same char­ac­ters. In films, as you shoot, you keep get­ting deeper into that thing. Once the film is done, you break up with the char­ac­ter be­cause then you won’t be liv­ing that char­ac­ter ever again.

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