"Maaf Karna, Aamir aur Shah Rukh ko aisa koi strug­gle nahi karna pada hai. Dhar­men­dra aur Annu kapoor ko stug­gle karna pada hai"


You are not seen too much th­ese days, what is the rea­son? Firstly, I don’t get good of­fers and what­ever I get, I of­ten say no be­cause it isn’t worth do­ing. I haven’t been picky but have cho­sen wisely. I am not in a po­si­tion to claim that I’ve be­come choosy. So, if I’ve chose two films I’ve had to po­litely de­cline 20.

Re­tain­ing one’s charm and pres­ence on a mass medium like the 70 mm screen, TV and now ra­dio, you have been there, done that. How dif­fer­ent and dif­fi­cult is it? Whether I am fac­ing the cam­era for a movie or any mu­si­cal show or am in front of the mi­cro­phone, I try to jus­tify my pres­ence and make the au­di­ence feel good and en­riched.

What has been your driv­ing force be­hind your ca­reer choices? It has al­ways been money. Peo­ple say I’ve come to Mum­bai to be­come an ac­tor. Main ac­tor banne nahi aaya tha. Ac­tor bana ba­naya tha. Ya­han pe paisa ka­mane aaya tha. Earn­ing money is an art. I am an hon­est man. I’ve been pen­ni­less and I know the value of money. I won’t mur­der any­one for money but will earn it on my own terms and con­di­tions.

Even though Annu Kapoor is a known name, you haven’t shone un­der the spotlight as much as you should have. What do you think is the rea­son be­hind it? Un­for­tu­nately, our film in­dus­try and peo­ple around the world are un­able to rec­og­nize the power of my pres­ence or maybe they run af­ter the ‘he­roes’! If th­ese he­roes ut­ter six lines prop­erly, they are called vet­er­ans. And here I am, who has de­voted his whole life to the field of art but I have had to strug­gle. That is the way the In­dian scene with cin­ema has been. But it’s a fact. I feel I haven’t got my due share. But that’s fine. I hold no grudges. Th­ese grudges will stop me wher­ever I am. I have to con­clude my jour­ney of ex­is­tence.

You have had a very tough child­hood and had a fair share of strug­gle to get to where you are. Do you think the stars to­day have it very easy? Spe­cially those from filmi fam­i­lies? Yes in­deed. Peo­ple hail­ing from filmi fam­i­lies should thank their kith and kin. If you are talk­ing about the present gen­er­a­tion, unke liye sab ac­cha hai. Aamir and Shah Rukh had to strug­gle but not that much. Maaf karna, aisa koi strug­gle nahi karna pada hai unhe. Dhar­men­dra aur Annu Kapoor ko strug­gle karna pada hai. Itne strug­gle ke un­der toh crush hoke mar jaenge un­log. I’ve heard Ak­shay too had his share but I’m not aware how much he had to go through and the way it

Itne steroids le liye ke an­dar se khokle ho gaye hai.”

is pro­jected. Sal­man Khan’s fa­ther is an iconic writer. But I don’t think they had to ever sleep empty stom­ach. Peo­ple like Nawazud­din Sid­diqui and Manoj Ba­j­payee are true kalakaar. They have had to strug­gle. Yeh woh artiste hai jo star ban gaye. But a star be­com­ing an artiste, that’s rare.

Do you think you’ve jus­ti­fied your art? I proudly say yes! Peo­ple com­pli­ment me say­ing that it isn’t sur­pris­ing when you act well. That’s ex­pected as I take my work se­ri­ously. Peo­ple like Annu Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Ku­mar do act well and that isn’t a sur­prise.

What makes you say yes to a script? The film in the en­tire spec­trum is more im­por­tant to me than my own char­ac­ter. I don’t crit­i­cize any­one un­nec­es­sar­ily but if I feel some­thing needs to be changed or im­proved, I do sug­gest it to the di­rec­tor. Like, in Jolly LLB 2, I told Sub­hash to im­pro­vise cer­tain parts.

You are known to be a na­ture enthusiast. What do you have to say about that? I’ve taken to ex­er­cis­ing out­doors for the past eight years and I em­pha­size on its ben­e­fits. I shun the con­cept of build­ing six packs in air con­di­tioned rooms. I’ve ben­e­fit­ted from yoga, ex­er­cise and med­i­ta­tion. You may have six packs but they are hol­low from in­side. That th­ese are steroid in­duced packs. I’ve read many ar­ti­cles that they are un­able to sat­isfy their partners sex­u­ally. Itne steroids le liye ke an­dar se khokle ho gaye hai.

Re­cently, a poster of the movie The Fakirof Venice, star­ring Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar sur­faced on­line. What do you have to say about that? I have no idea. They had con­tacted me two months back. Haven’t heard of them since then and I don’t have time to chase them.

Could you shed some light on the projects you’re work­ing on cur­rently? The di­rec­tor of a movie called Miss­ing is in touch with me. I would also star in the movie that my sis­ter is com­ing up with called Mr.Kabaadi mostly by this year end. I’ve given my dates to Life OK for a fic­tion in the form of re­al­ity show. I am very happy with the script and am closely work­ing with the team to en­hance it.

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