I’m Big Time Demi-Sex­ual.

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Gor­geous Ben­gali beauty RAIMA SEN has made an in­deli­ble niche for her­self in com­mer­cial as well as mean­ing­ful films. An ex­cel­lent per­former, she’s rubbed shoul­ders with pow­er­house per­form­ers like Vidya Balan and Aish­warya Rai in Pari­neeti and Chokher Bali and yet made her pres­ence felt. Here, she walks on the wild side and talks about les­bian en­coun­ters, sex, break-ups and much more.

Mum­bai Mer­iJaan… What do you love the most about Mum­bai? I love the fast pace of life Mum­bai has, It’s gyms and it’s vi­brant night life.

You’re from Kolkata… But for your shoots, you con­stantly travel. What do you miss about Kolkata the most then? I miss my fam­ily in Kolkata, my dog Cud­dles, and the street food spe­cially Jhal Muri and Aloo Chaat.

There are so many things in life that are ex­tremely pre­cious. What is that one thing you can­not live with­out? That would def­i­nitely be food! I’m a big foodie.

Life of an ac­tress is all bout light, cam­era, ac­tion and makeup… What is that one makeup es­sen­tial that you would never go out with­out? Def­i­nitely, my ka­jal! My makeup is in­com­plete with­out that! How ex­per­i­men­tal are you in your style? Would you try the new trend of wear­ing ‘un­der­wear as your over­wear’ in In­dia? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! NO! I’m not that bold as yet.

Love makes the world go ‘round. How do you vi­su­alise your ideal re­la­tion­ship to be? Have long con­ver­sa­tions. Travel to­gether. Laugh. Get to know each other. Be spon­ta­neous with each other… that would be my ideal re­la­tion­ship.

Your dream man is? Def­i­nitely, Joaquin Phoenix and Tom Cruise.

What do you pre­fer: a Sat­ur­day night date or a Sun­day morn­ing with a guy? I’d opt for the Sun­day morn­ing.

Would you ever ap­proach a guy? If yes, what would your style be? If I like him in­stantly, then at first glance I’d say: “Hey, I’ve been look­ing for you!” … Ha Ha! Your se­cret recipe of get­ting over a break-up? I’d party hard. Non-stop un­til I get it all out of my sys­tem.

Do you be­lieve in keep­ing in touch with your exes? Not re­ally… No, I don’t be­lieve in that!

Af­ter FiftyShades­ofGrey, many peo­ple have given into BDSM, would you give it a shot? I’m re­ally not sure how to an­swer that. LOL!

If you were to star as Anas­ta­sia Steele, who would your Chris­tian Grey be from the in­dus­try? I’d say Robert Pat­tin­son.

If you get ex­per­i­men­tal, what would be the weird­est place to have sex or to make out be for you?! Hmm… I think the kitchen!

One place you would want to get naughty out­doors? I guess the barn, it al­ways fas­ci­nated me.

On the scale of 1-10, how ex­per­i­men­tal are you when it comes to hav­ing fun in bed? Er­m­m­mmm .. How can I rate my­self? De­pends com­pletely on my mood.

Are you game for hav­ing a re­la­tion­ship with­out a tag? Yes why not!

Please com­plete the fol­low­ing... I never un­der­stand why peo­ple are: That would def­i­nitely be dis­hon­esty!

What turns you on the most? I’d say a sexy mind!

What turns you off the most? Ugh! Ma­nip­u­la­tors… I hate them most.

What would the best pickup line ever used on you be? It would be… I’ve found you.

The worst pickup line used on you is… You look fa­mil­iar… have I seen you some­where?

Is there a trait you have that sur­prises you in a good way? Yes, I’m sur­pris­ingly a good min­dreader.

What is that one thing you just can’t do with­out? I think it would be my phone. I’d be com­pletely at sea with­out it. I sup­pose be­cause it is my life­line in terms of con­tacts, sched­ules, dates, meet­ings, emails etc.

What is the best ac­ces­sory on a man? In terms of ma­te­rial things, I’d say his cuff­links. Other­wise, it has to be his ex­pres­sive eyes.

What is that one word that de­scribes Raima Sen to a ‘T’? It would be prankster. I en­joy play­ing pranks and hav­ing fun wher­ever I am.

What are you pas­sion­ate about in life? Some­thing that you can’t do with­out… some­thing that ex­cites you? I’m pas­sion­ate about ev­ery­thing… Books, movies travel.

Ugh! Ma­nip­u­la­tors… I hate them most.”

Have you ever had a les­bian en­counter or has a wo­man ever flir­tied with you? Oh def­i­nitely! Quite a few…

What do you pre­fer… sex with lights on or off? Oh that would be with lights on.

What do you pre­fer: A guy with a com­fort­able tummy or a guy with hard six packs? I’d opt for a com­fort­able tummy here.

Who would your girl crush from film world be? Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. They are ab­so­lutely gor­geous!

Are you a demi-sex­ual? Def­i­nitely! I’m big time demi-sex­ual.

What is the first thing you no­tice in a man? It would be his shoes.

What would the first thing you no­tice in a wo­man? Her toe nails and shoes.

Oh that would be with lights on.”

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