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You have thor­oughly en­ter­tained us through­out these years. Over the years, has there been any change in your life­style? — Sarika Jain (Hy­der­abad)

I’ve given up smok­ing and drink­ing seven years back. I ex­er­cise for two hours in the morn­ing. I also med­i­tate, do yoga and pranayama. This is an in­vest­ment in my­self. I’ve be­come in­ter­ested in read­ing the best lit­er­a­ture avail­able in the world of late, I’ve turned to or­ganic farm­ing as well. We cul­ti­vate hy­brid Alphonso man­goes and Vika Ro­sio, it is a plant which has the tremen­dous qual­ity to cure can­cer. It is called Sada­phuli in Ma­ha­rash­tra. I think stay­ing con­nected with na­ture in dif­fer­ent ways nour­ishes one’s life­style and yes, I have per­son­ally ben­e­fit­ted tremen­dously from all this.

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