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You have been a part of the in­dus­try for sev­eral years and also given re­mark­able per­for­mances. What ac­cord­ing to you is the best and worst thing about be­ing a part of the in­dus­try? — Ru­mana Kaur (Pun­jab)

The best part is that you just think, and it hap­pens. And the worst part is that you think it can hap­pen and it does not hap­pen. What I mean to say is no­body is stop­ping you in your flight of imag­i­na­tion but then there are mar­ket forces to be reck­oned with… be­cause we can­not deny the fact that films are heavy eco­nomic ac­tiv­i­ties. They need a lot of money, and money has only one prin­ci­ple that money de­mands money, it does not de­mand any­thing else. Friend­ships are not like that, re­la­tion­ships are not like that, art is not like that…. From an artiste point of view, films are a creation of beauty which sat­is­fies you, and that is it!

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