It Doesn’t Give Me A Kick When Some­one Writes A Role Keep­ing Me In Mind.

From be­ing a theatre artiste to be­com­ing the great Kal­lumama of the in­dus­try, SAU­RABH SHUKLA has un­doubt­edly pro­jected one of the most iconic char­ac­ters on 70 mm, loved by all gen­er­a­tions. ‘Lights, cam­era, ac­tion!’ are the three words that give him a kick

Stardust (English) - - GET SNAPPY - Words NAZIFA CHARANIA

If you weren’t an ac­tor, what pro­fes­sion would you be into? I am al­ready into three pro­fes­sions. I write, di­rect, act. Apart from the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try, I would have been a teacher some­where or I would have been a clerk some­where. I def­i­nitely wouldn’t be a sales­per­son or a mar­ket­ing per­son, I do not have it in me. I am for­tu­nate enough that I never had to go out and look for a job.

How do you main­tain a bal­ance be­tween your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life? I am a very bor­ing per­son. What peo­ple call per­sonal life, I don’t think I have that, yes, of course, I have my per­sonal mo­ments, but I am al­ways filled with work.

You are an amaz­ing ac­tor - ex­tremely ac­claimed – do you think there will be a time when roles will be writ­ten with you in mind? They do write roles keep­ing me in mind, it has al­ready started. Peo­ple come to me, but it doesn’t give me a kick when some­one writes a role keep­ing me in mind be­cause when they say it is for Sau­rabh Shukla, mean­ing you know Sau­rabh Shukla the per­son com­pletely. They will use ev­ery facet of mine whether my body, or the way I talk, or the way I think, so there is noth­ing to ex­plore in that, and it is not sat­is­fy­ing.

The in­dus­try is par­tial to beau­ti­ful faces, and gen­uine ac­tors are then over­looked, would you agree to this? Peo­ple are par­tial, pe­riod. It’s not the in­dus­try, it is the peo­ple, and we have vested in­ter­est al­ways as hu­man be­ings. So when you say the in­dus­try is par­tial, we are all par­tial then.

How do you keep your­self mo­ti­vated on a dull day? You have to first think about what makes you happy. And I com­pletely be­lieve that, if you are happy then you will make the world happy and if you are not, then it doesn’t mat­ter how big you are or what you have achieved, you are not go­ing to make the world around you happy.

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