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When she turns on that spe­cial smile you bet there’s a man around, for Kimi Katkar wouldn’t waste her en­er­gies on a woman. She’s a man’s woman. To­tally. Sexy, volup­tuous, co­quet­tish and a lit­tle wicked. “I can’t be both­ered talk­ing to girls,” she airs, “all they can do is bitch, bitch and bitch. Give me the guys any day.” And man does she go for them! She lays it all. All those wom­anly viles that God equipped the fairer sex with. Given a man she’s live wire. Sud­denly vi­brant and vi­va­cious, flirt­ing, pout­ing, dart­ing those warm come-hither looks through her half open, half closed green eyes. “Look here yaar, life’s too short. Who wants to spend it sit­ting in a cor­ner, wait­ing for some­thing to hap­pen? That’s not me,” she shrugs. “I can­not be a goody goody girl. I can­not be­have this way or that way only be­cause I am sup­posed to. I can­not pre­tend. I am what I am. I have al­ways pre­ferred male com­pany. I think men are more in­ter­est­ing. They add that lit­tle ex­cite­ment to your life.” She seeks men re­lent­lessly and makes no ex­cuses. “So I am a flirt,” she ad­mits de­fi­antly. “So what? Isn’t it only nor­mal for a young sin­gle girl to take in­ter­est in the op­po­site sex? And come on it’s my spe­cial trait. I am a Sagit­tar­ian, a born flirt. In fact, in my case it’s the only thing that keeps me go­ing.” With dis­dain she shrugs off the reper­cus­sions her spe­cial Sagit­tar­ian trait has had on her rep­u­ta­tion. “It takes no time for peo­ple to brand a woman chaalu in this in­dus­try. It takes no ex­cuse ei­ther,” she scorns. “I’ve seen in­dus­try wall as start snig­ger­ing at the most re­spectable of ac­tresses as soon as she has turned her back. Who cares any­way? I can­not change my­self for any­body or any­thing and I can­not be some­thing and pose to be some­thing else. I can­not be a hyp­ocrite. If I feel in a cer­tain way about some­body, I can­not hide it. I can­not do things be­hind closed doors. I am not made that way. “And come on, who cares what a few in­signif­i­cant peo­ple think of me. So what if I am free with peo­ple? So what if I am un­in­hib­ited with men? What’s wrong with flirt­ing when you know your lim­its? Look here, if there is talk about me, it’s all loose talk. Peo­ple around here have dou­ble stan­dards. They have one set of rules for them­selves, one set of rules for their girl­friends. And any­way how does it mat­ter? Am I get­ting any less num­ber of films be­cause of my rep­u­ta­tion? It doesn’t re­ally make a dif­fer­ence, does it?” It prob­a­bly did. To her re­la­tion­ship with San­jay Dutt and Danny Dan­zongpa. “They wanted sati sav­it­ris is it? They are great saints them­selves isn’t it?” She says sar­cas­ti­cally. “Maybe Sunju did drop me be­cause of the ru­mours that had be­gun to spread about me then. Maybe he couldn’t take me se­ri­ously be­cause of my out­go­ing dis­po­si­tion. Too bad yaar. If my man can­not trust me, he’s not worth it. I will not change my­self for any­body. I can­not hold my­self and sit with a straight face on the sets. How can any­one work in such an at­mos­phere?” Meenakshi Se­shadri does. “Well, I mean no of­fense to her but I could not be like her to save my life. I can­not be a hyp­ocrite,” she shakes her head. “Come on

yaar, we as it is work un­der such heavy pres­sures. We are work­ing from morn­ing to night. On top of that the pres­sure of pre­tend­ing, of act­ing out an im­age. God I would turn into a vegetable if I had to con­stantly be­have my­self. “Though in be­tween I did try to change my­self,” she smiles sheep­ishly. “My friends would tell me that I am too open and free with my male co-stars. It pays to keep aloof, they would ad­vise me. So I tried to with­draw my­self. Not that I suc­ceeded. In a week’s time I was feel­ing ut­terly mis­er­able. So were my co-stars. Spe­cially Govinda with whom I share a damn good rap­port. He couldn’t be­lieve the change in me. In fact he told me later how up­set he was when I did not speak to him for a few days.” So Kimi Katkar came back to be­ing her­self. Jok­ing, flirt­ing and fool­ing around with her heroes like be­fore. “Most of my work is with the guys. And when you are thrown to­gether so of­ten you are bound to get closer to a few. And if I take a lik­ing for some­one it shows on my face. I can­not hide my feel­ings,” she grins. “And I have to let the per­son I like know that I like him.” Not ev­ery time though. For our self-con­fessed flirt dreads the thought of Mithun Chakraborty com­ing to know about the se­cret crush she has on him for the past so many years. Not only that, she’s so much in awe of him that she loses her tongue in his pres­ence. “I go weak in the knees ev­ery time I see him,” she shud­ders, “he’s too sexy yaar. If only he was not mar­ried. I’ve had this crush on him ever since I saw him in Su­rak­sha and I don’t think I even ex­ist for him.” Well, he cer­tainly can­not ig­nore her af­ter such a loud procla­ma­tion, cer­tainly not an oblig­ing gen­tle­man like Mithun.

But I won­der how Binju (Kimi’s present boyfriend) will re­act to his girl­friend’s pas­sion­ate out­burst about an­other man’s sex ap­peal. “Look here yaar I am only dat­ing Binju,” ex­plains Kimi. “I mean I did go to Goa to see him and all that and I do see him when­ever I get the time but I am only get­ting to know him bet­ter. It’s not one of those in­tense re­la­tion­ships. I don’t want to get into any­thing se­ri­ous at the mo­ment. I’ve had three ma­jor re­la­tion­ships (Mohnish, Sunju, Danny) all of which failed. I left Mohnish. The other two left me. And some­where along the way it has left a very bit­ter taste in my mouth. I’ve been very dis­il­lu­sioned. I don’t want to get into any se­ri­ous stuff now. And where do I have the time to con­duct a full-fledged re­la­tion­ship?” A lot can be done while on work too. Only a few days ago I had seen a let­ter be­ing passed from Kimi’s make-up room to Raj Bab­bar’s make-up room (they were shoot­ing to­gether at Filmis­tan) – a let­ter wrapped around a red rose. “Oh that,” smiles Kimi self­con­sciously “that was not a let­ter, just a small note. Ac­tu­ally, I have been want­ing to do an Art film for a very long time and since my sec­re­tary Bali is friendly with Raj, he hap­pened to men­tion it to him. And as chance would have it Raj ji was plan­ning to make a film (an Art film) him­self. But be­fore I signed his film Raj ji wanted me to see an ear­lier film di­rected by Dayal Ni­ha­lani (who is di­rect­ing Raj’s KasamYodha.) He kept so many tri­als, but I could never make it for them. Fi­nally I saw the film and liked it. So, in that chit I had just writ­ten how much I had en­joyed the film and how I had re­ally liked Dayal Ni­ha­lani’s di­rec­tion. That’s all. Come on yaar how can I have an af­fair with him! I had rather have one with Raaj Ku­mar in­stead.” Not that I am con­vinced but I let that pass. At the rate Kim jumps in and out of re­la­tion­ships it would not be sur­pris­ing if Raj Bab­bar was his­tory by the time this is­sue hits the stands. “What do you mean yaar?” Ms Katkar is of­fended. “You are talk­ing as if I change boyfriends ev­ery week. First of all whether you are con­vinced or not, let me tell you I am not hav­ing an af­fair with Raj ji. I agree I like older men (the younger ones in this in­dus­try are all of their ego trips and I can’t pam­per bloated egos) but Bab­bar is just not my cup of tea,” she as­serts. “Even Anil Kapoor once ac­cused me of hav­ing an af­fair with Raj Bab­bar.

I’ve had a crush on Mithun since years… if only he was not mar­ried.”

Only be­cause some time ago when we were all shoot­ing late night at Es­sel Stu­dio he saw Raj ji hav­ing his din­ner in my room. Raj ji was hun­gry and he hadn’t got food from his house. So Raj Ku­mar Kohli for whom I was shoot­ing (Raj ji was with an­other unit) told Raj Bab­bar to have the biryani he had got for us. And since my share was just ly­ing waste (be­cause I was not hun­gry) Kohli ji asked Raj to go into my room and have the biryani kept for me. Bas, Anil just saw Raj and af­ter that sulked with me for a week. And to add to it all, I, with­out know­ing what rub­bish is go­ing on in his mind asked Anil Kapoor how he would re­act if I had an af­fair with a mar­ried man. Anil blew his top. “It is that man Raj Bab­bar you are talk­ing about. It is he you want to have an af­fair with,” he started scream­ing. I told him I would have one with him if he left his wife but he was not amused. And af­ter that I left for an out­door. Af­ter I came back it was all over town that I’m hav­ing an af­fair with Raj Bab­bar. Come on yaar credit me with bet­ter taste.” Oh! So it must have been to manao her rootha hua Anil that Kimi had asked me to give the Kapoor. “A big hug and kiss on her be­half” the last time I had bumped into her on my way to Anil’s house. Is Anil Kapoor also in the list? I ask her and add jok­ingly how I mar­velled at the ease with which she man­aged too many men at the same time. “Bal­iji is there na to man­age my ca­reer,” she winks at me. “I can han­dle the men.” Then she gets se­ri­ous sud­denly “no yaar I’m just jok­ing. I may be a flirt but I too draw a line some­where. And it’s not as if I am on a man-hunt­ing spree. I just flirt for the heck of it. For a lark. It’s just that af­ter so many years of re­stric­tion I have sud­denly got this free­dom and I’m just let­ting my hair down.” I don’t quite un­der­stand what Kimi’s try­ing to say. Her next line con­fuses me even more. “There is a vast dif­fer­ence be­tween the Kimi Katkar of to­day and the in­hib­ited in­se­cure girl of yes­ter­day,” she con­tin­ues. I look at her quizzi­cally. “Till I joined films I had led a very re­stricted life,” she ex­plains. “In my for­ma­tive years I was at a board­ing school in Panch­gani. A Con­vent. And you know how strict they are. Af­ter that I came back and joined col­lege, my mother used to ac­com­pany me to the col­lege ev­ery day. That is she used to drop me and fetch me. And she was very strict. No late night par­ties (that she doesn’t like even now), noth­ing of that sort for me.

I’ve had three ma­jor re­la­tion­ships (Mohnish, Sunju, Danny) all of which failed.”

As a re­sult I grew up to be an ab­so­lute in­tro­vert. “Can you be­lieve it?” she smiles. “I couldn’t say hello to any­one with­out feel­ing self-con­scious. My mother used to get mad at me, she was per­pet­u­ally pinch­ing and nudg­ing me to go and say hello to peo­ple but I found it very dif­fi­cult. It was only af­ter I started mod­el­ling and met Mohnish that I started open­ing up a lit­tle. Though I re­ally got con­fi­dence only af­ter Tarzan be­came a hit and my ca­reer started look­ing up. It is my suc­cess in films that has given me the courage to come out of my shell. And I’m re­ally liv­ing it up to make up for all those years. What is that they say about too much re­stric­tion, what­ever psy­cho­log­i­cal funda that is. I guess that’s what hap­pened in my case. Maybe con­vents pro­duce sex sym­bols. Zeenat Aman too has stud­ied in the same board­ing school as me,” she laughs. I no­tice the pride with which she calls her­self a sex-sym­bol. “Maybe it is good to have a prim and proper im­age like Hema ji (Malini). Maybe it pays,” she says a lit­tle un­cer­tainly. But only for a mo­ment. De­fi­ance takes over again. “What the hell yaar I think I’m damn good the way I am. At least I am my­self.” She’s in her el­e­ment once again. “The one guy I would love to know is Sunny Deol. I think he’s damn cute yaar,” she says with a twin­kle in her eyes then bites her tongue. “God, Dim­ple Ka­pa­dia will claw my eyes out…”

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