Hichki Was Ini­tially Of­fered To An­other Ac­tor...”

The supremely tal­ented RANI MUKERJI has in­deed made a huge im­pact with her lat­est film Hichki. And now she is back with a bang! Look­ing re­splen­dent in a flo­ral en­sem­ble and funky sneak­ers at an event in Mum­bai, Rani gets can­did about Hichki, real life Hic

Stardust (English) - - COVER STORY - Words SHIVANI BISHT

Why is Hichki such an im­por­tant film for you? Dur­ing the time this film came to our com­pany, I was preg­nant with Adira, so there was no thought of me be­ing a part of this film. They had of­fered this part to an­other ac­tor - des­tiny de­cides all th­ese things - the ac­tor kept the di­rec­tor wait­ing for a year and then de­cided not to do the film be­cause of dates and other rea­sons. It then hap­pened that Manish got to know from Adi that I was ready to start work and he asked Adi, “Can we of­fer Rani this film? She was al­ways my first choice, but she was preg­nant at the time so I didn’t ask her. But now that the film is de­layed, can we of­fer her this film?” And my hus­band said, ‘Yes if you think she would like the film, please of­fer her.’ So when the sub­ject came to me, I thought it was re­ally in­ter­est­ing be­cause firstly, this char­ac­ter deals with Tourette syn­drome and this as­pect of over­com­ing weak­ness and turn­ing it into strength made it in­ter­est­ing. And then, it high­lighted the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem in our coun­try. Like how peo­ple dis­crim­i­nate against the ones who are weak or how so­ci­ety in gen­eral dis­crim­i­nates against chil­dren who are less in­tel­li­gent or from a lower so­cio-eco­nomic back­ground. So all th­ese fac­tors were taken up in this movie and shown beau­ti­fully in the warm, sen­si­tive story. So I thought I had to be a part of this and play­ing Naina was chal­leng­ing enough but also the story was nice. So I thought it would be great to make my come­back with Hichki.

How has the re­ac­tion to the film been? More im­por­tantly, what was Brad Co­hen’s ( Hichki is loosely based on his life) re­ac­tion after watch­ing Hichki? I think it’s just been very over­whelm­ing. To be very hon­est. I have been trav­el­ling so couldn’t con­nect with Brad. But I need to have a Skype call with Brad to ac­tu­ally sit and hear his re­view. Jai se hum bolt eh a in avis tar mai to vista rm aibai th na ab hi bak ki haitoh, hope­fully soon I will Skype call with him and vis­tar­maibaat karen ge ya nd tab hi vi star main I’ll

know his re­ac­tion.

If not an ac­tor, which pro­fes­sion would you have taken up? I would prob­a­bly be a lawyer.

Is there any other biopic you want to do? No, not yet!

What does Adira love to do? She loves to draw and paint.

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