“I am dy­Ing to play an ass­hole ON-SCREEN.”

The guy who dom­i­nated dig­i­tal space for a very long time - be it in Per­ma­nen­tRoom­mates or TVF’s Tripling,- Sumeet VyaS, who is not only an ac­tor but an amaz­ing writer too. Read on as Shivani Bisht gets can­did with the man who dons many hats as he talks ab

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So how has your jour­ney been from work­ing in tele­vi­sion se­ries to web se­ries and now in the movies? Great! It’s been a re­ally long jour­ney. I have been into act­ing since 2000. I started off with theatre so pri­mar­ily I didn’t re­ally have a plan to specif­i­cally get into movies. The mo­ment I did English Vinglish in 2011, is when I started tak­ing things a lit­tle more se­ri­ously about my ca­reer in films or in dig­i­tal se­ries.

You have done a lot of web­series so ac­cord­ing to you is there any dif­fer­ence be­tween work­ing in web se­ries and films?

No, not re­ally. For an ac­tor, there is no dif­fer­ence be­cause at the end what mat­ters is act­ing, be it in web­series or films. But there’s one thing that ev­ery­body wants to ex­per­i­ment in web­series - which is why it’s a lit­tle bit more fun right now - more so as the di­rec­tors are not try­ing to play safe. Which is why it is more fun to work in them in com­par­i­son to films and tele­vi­sion.

What do you en­joy the most?

To be very hon­est, I en­joy what is in a story and what kind of peo­ple I am work­ing with. Be­cause that’s what you re­mem­ber. What you do re­mem­ber is the process when you shot the film or the se­ries and how much fun you had, how much you chal­lenged your­self while work­ing on it. So in that sense it’s dif­fi­cult to choose. One thing that I en­joy maybe when a script is nice. I en­joy work­ing on projects where there are fun peo­ple to work with.

Ac­cord­ing to you, which was that one de­ci­sion which turned out to be the turn­ing point in your ca­reer?

I think my de­ci­sion to call Nid­dhi Bisht af­ter watch­ing some videos on TVF worked. I was the one who called her up af­ter that be­cause I wanted to work with her, and be­cause of that ef­fort, I am where I am to­day. And it was an ex­per­i­ment for both of us be­cause Per­ma­nent Room­mates was the 1st web­series ever made.

Apart from act­ing, you have tried your hands in writ­ing as well... how dif­fi­cult does it get to main­tain a bal­ance?

Yes, it does get com­pli­cated at times be­cause I am not able to take up as much writ­ing work as I would want to. Also, balanc­ing is very im­por­tant. Since I have been act­ing, I don’t re­ally have the time to write. I am only writ­ing the sec­ond sea­son of Tripling right now with my friend Akarsh Khu­rana. The first sea­son we wrote to­gether. Apart from this, I won’t write any­thing else.

What has been your best and worst ex­pe­ri­ence in the in­dus­try till date?

There were a lot of bad ex­pe­ri­ences, in that sense ev­ery ac­tor goes through them. I have been around when we use to click pic­tures for 50 ru­pees and carry copies and we use to write our names and num­bers be­hind those pic­tures and plead for a chance with Ad and film agen­cies. When we were not called for au­di­tions, we would just land up there and wait for them. I have seen my pic­tures thrown into the dust­bins and I have picked it up and used them in some other of­fice be­cause it was like why waste the copies? Be­cause at that time, 50 ru­pees was a huge amount. My whole ex­pe­ri­ence of shoot­ing Per­ma­nent Room­mates was fantastic, even English Vinglish was an amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. I re­ally en­joyed work­ing on that film with Gauri Balki and Sridevi ma’am.

You have an amaz­ing comic tim­ing and you al­ways get ap­pre­ci­ated for that, what is your re­sponse?

Thank you! (Laughs) I just don’t know how to re­spond to that. Some­times I try to be funny and some­times, I am not ac­tu­ally try­ing to be funny but it works.

How was your ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing with Ka­reena Kapoor in VeerediWed­ding?

She is a very pro­fes­sional ac­tor. She is a star in the true sense and is fantastic in what she does. It was lovely work­ing with her.

Talk­ing about HighJack, how was your ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing with di­rec­tor Akarsh Khu­rana? Also can your share some anec­dotes while shoot­ing the film.

Akarsh and I have known each other for al­most 10 years now. He has pro­duced a lot of plays that I have directed, so we have been work­ing to­gether for a while. He had sent the script of High Jack long back for me to read and to know what I thought of the script. And I re­mem­ber telling him that I was laugh­ing aloud while read­ing it. I called him up and said that he should re­ally con­sider mak­ing this film. I had no idea that he would cast me be­cause I wasn’t re­ally pop­u­lar at that time. And then af­ter a few days, he called me up to ask, if I was in­ter­ested in be­ing a part of this film, and there we go.

I have seen my pic­tures thrown into the dust­bins and I have picked them up and used them in some other of­fice.”

What made you say ‘yes’ to the role of Rakesh and can you tell us more about your char­ac­ter in the movie HighJack?

The script! I loved the script and thought that I should do it. Also, it’s a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from all the char­ac­ters that I have played so far - be it in my web­series or films. My char­ac­ter was of a guy who goes to party ev­ery day and turns the party on so it was a very ex­cit­ing psy­che­delic char­ac­ter and that im­me­di­ately drew me to the part be­cause I had to take away from what­ever im­age I had man­aged to get.

Is there any par­tic­u­lar genre or char­ac­ter you want to play?

Yes, I would re­ally like to play an ‘ass­hole’ on-screen, that’s some­thing I have been re­ally dy­ing to play (laughs) and to do some­thing in that space, to get into the darker side of my per­son­al­ity will be fun. I think it’s re­ally im­por­tant as an ac­tor to get ex­pe­ri­ence as a vil­lain as well, and the grey parts are the most fun to per­form. Genre could be any­thing. But I am re­ally look­ing for­ward to do a crime thriller or a sus­pense drama.

Did you face any dif­fi­culty while shoot­ing for the movie?

No! Not re­ally, I think Akarsh faced a lot of dif­fi­cul­ties and peo­ple were im­pro­vis­ing all the time. And he has this ter­ri­ble habit of not say­ing ‘cut’ when the scene was over so we use to do what’s there in the script and then wait for him to call ‘cut’. We would keep im­pro­vis­ing and af­ter like 5 -7 minute, we use to be like, ‘are you go­ing to call cut or not?’ Un­til then, we use to keep go­ing on. (Laughs)

Can you name some di­rec­tors you want to work with?

I would love to work with Im­tiaz Ali, I re­ally like his work. I want to work with Anurag Basu again, I had worked in a se­ries called Choker­bali. I want to work with Ra­jku­mar Hi­rani sir, he is fab­u­lous.

Can you name some ac­tors you want to work with?

To be very hon­est I don’t have a pref­er­ence of any whom I want to work with. Be­cause that to­tally de­pends on the scripts that come your way and who fits the part well… I mean as an ac­tor I would re­ally want to work with an ac­tor, whom I re­ally ad­mire and that is Alia. She is a very gifted ac­tor. I also like Anushka’s work, she is a re­ally hard work­ing ac­tor. I would also like to work with Ak­shaye Khanna be­cause I am a huge fan of his. I would love to act with Ir­rfan and Nawab be­cause they chal­lenge you as an ac­tor to bring your A game on.

Can you tell us about your fu­ture projects?

Post VeereDiWed­ding I am com­ing out with the next sea­son of Tripling, I think it would be out by the sec­ond half of this year.

Any mes­sage for your Star­dust read­ers?

Thank you! I am a big film buff. I thor­oughly love read­ing magazines. They are my weak­ness, I love gos­sip it’s some­thing that most peo­ple don’t re­ally know. STAR­DUST al­ways keeps us up­dated about what is go­ing in other peo­ple’s lives. (Laughs)

Ka­reena Kapoor Khan is a star in true sense and is fantastic in what she does.”

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