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Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are walk­ing around openly hand in hand th­ese days pro­claim­ing their love for each other. How­ever, hushed whis­pers sug­gest the Tiger of Bol­ly­wood can­not re­ally be reined in com­pletely and he’s sup­pos­edly been go­ing huntin’ at night veer­ing from a sexy model to his co-star from Stu­dent of The Year 2 Tara Su­taria. Su­mita Chakraborty re­ports.


though it’s not of­fi­cial, the world and its cousin know that the roar­ing Baaghi ac­tor Tiger Shroff and the very sexy Disha Patani have been dat­ing for ages. He’s been spot­ted hav­ing umpteen num­ber of se­cre­tive mid­night wild en­coun­ters (of­ten cap­tured by nosey shut­ter­bugs) with the su­per sen­su­ous and re­port­edly, ex­tremely pos­ses­sive Ms Patani. Sup­pos­edly, this sexy and ‘she knows it’ nymphet has even got the ac­ro­batic Tiger to in­tro­duce her to the par­ents. And though she and mama Aye­sha re­port­edly don’t share too warm a vibe, Disha doesn’t re­ally care a damn as she be­lieves that the she’s got Jackie Shroff’s du­ti­ful pu­tra just where she wants him… un­der her thumb. And dear­est Tiger if he knows what’s good for him will not change his heart’s disha from her. Ah well, Ms Patani... We’ve got news for you. Sup­pos­edly, in the wee hours of the morn­ing, the roar­ing Tiger boy goes ‘disha’less. He’s been spot­ted hav­ing many-acosy mid­night ren­dezvous with an itsy bitsy model who he worked with for a cam­paign. But then again, per­haps it’s just some after-hour work that the worka­holic Tiger is com­plet­ing so there’s no solid rea­son for Ms su­per pos­ses­sive to go hay­wire at her ‘trusted’ boyfriend. Right? Wrong! Per­haps it’s now time for Disha to get out of her dreamy ro­man­tic world and go all out to save the tiger… for there is a fault in the taras (stars). That’s right… sup­pos­edly, the Stu­dent Of The Year 2 ac­tor Tara Su­taria who her­self is in a steady re­la­tion­ship with the late ac­tor Vinod Mehra’s hand­some ac­tor son Ro­han Mehra, seems to be a teeny weeny too close for com­fort with the strap­ping Tiger. Tiger too who prefers to prowl in the nights, is openly show­ing his ‘lik­ing’ for the star. Sup­pos­edly, the two of them are as thick as thieves and if they are not shoot­ing, they are glued to their swanky cell­phones talk­ing to each other. And that re­port­edly, has got the quiv­er­ing like jelly an­ten­nae of Disha go­ing all disha­heen (di­rec­tion­less). Since she can’t re­ally de­mand that Tiger should stop see­ing Tara pronto – they are after all shoot­ing for big daddy Kjo’s film to­gether - she’s done the next best thing. She’s been drop­ping into his sets at all ran­dom times unan­nounced just so that she can keep a watch on him. Hushed whis­pers even say that she’s also de­ployed a cou­ple of hands to help her keep a close eye on striped king of the jun­gle um Bol­ly­wood. Will that keep Tiger in the right disha? We don’t re­ally know. After all, our Bol­ly­wood’s stray­ing Tiger is a smooth op­er­a­tor and he knows re­ally well how to con­tinue with his shenani­gans, and yet dodge the me­dia and of course, one Ms Disha! So carry on Tiger, we say… after all, it is the year of the tiger, isn’t it? As for Disha, well, she just needs to ad­just her disha to match and catch the prowl­ing Tiger.

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