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Ac­tor GOVINDA hasn’t let any­thing - whether it be neg­a­tive press or neg­a­tive re­views - slow down his boo­gie as he con­tin­ues to push out films year after year. Read on as the ac­tor opens up to Ahad San­wari in a free­wheel­ing chat about his ap­pre­hen­sions in the in­dus­try, his po­lit­i­cal jour­ney and re­la­tion­ship with David Dhawan and Sal­man Khan.

You are one of the most iconic ac­tors in the in­dus­try, you’ve made the whole No.1 se­ries a brand. Are you happy with the way your ca­reer has pro­gressed? There’s no point in be­ing sad about your progress, I just thank God for what­ever I’ve been given. Some­times I’m happy with my­self and some­times I’m not, but that’s the way life goes. There’s no point in look­ing at what oth­ers do and be­ing jeal­ous about it. You should just en­joy the ex­pe­ri­ence. There aren’t even 100 he­roes out of 1000 crore, there are barely 10. And I’m one of them. I’m re­ally grate­ful for that. Some peo­ple fo­cus more on what oth­ers do and com­pare but I’ve never both­ered my­self with that. I be­lieve in get­ting the best out of what I have.

You have a new movie re­leas­ing soon, Rangee­laRaja. How is this movie dif­fer­ent from pre­vi­ous Govinda movies? It’s a re­ally nice film. A lot of my films, ac­tu­ally, are con­nected to South In­dian cin­ema in some or the other way. So is Rangeela Raja. The film was re­ally suc­cess­ful down South in its time, Ra­jinikanth starred in it. Of all the South In­dian films I’ve seen, I re­ally liked this one and wanted to make a Bol­ly­wood ver­sion of it. Ev­ery fam­ily has a rangeela raja. And he thinks what­ever he does is right. Raja hai, uska haq hai! And he doesn’t know how it’s af­fect­ing his fam­ily. We have two char­ac­ters like that in the film, two brothers. Bada hai jo chodta hi nahin, chota hai jo chedta hi nahin. I love that!

There’s no point in look­ing at what oth­ers do and be­ing jeal­ous about it”

The movie has fallen into a bit of con­tro­versy with the CBFC, which Pahlaj Ni­ha­lani has also spo­ken about quite a bit. What is your take on it? What he’s say­ing is right. Ac­tu­ally, from day one I’ve been telling him to make Rangeela Raja a lit­tle more harsh, a lit­tle more nat­u­ral. The way peo­ple swear nowa­days, we should in­clude that in the film. He said ‘ Main gaali kaise daalu? Nahin, Govind, main aise pic­ture nahin ba­nata hu. CBFC ka head reh chuka hu, iss tarah ke sug­ges­tions nahin do please.’ But he still has to go through all of this be­cause now, ev­ery­thing is per­sonal. Ev­ery­thing’s writ­ten, if it’s run into some prob­lems and con­flicts we’ll just have to wait and see what hap­pens.

You used to work very closely with David Dhawan and Sal­man

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