Stars have of­ten known to get on to each oth­ers nerves lead­ing to them swear­ing never to work with each other. We give you some of them

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Sylvester Stal­lone and Richard Gere

The tiff be­tween th­ese two pow­er­house icons started when Richard Gere and Sylvester Stal­lone were cast along­side one another in The Lords of Flat­bush. Ap­par­ently th­ese ac­tors’ egos took prece­dent, and it wasn’t long be­fore fist fights emerged on sets. Shan­nen Do­herty has been known to not get along with her fe­male co-stars. It was re­ported that Do­herty left her role in Charmed due to the in­creased ten­sions be­tween the two. James Franco and Tyrese Gib­son had their fall­ing out in 2006, while film­ing on the set of the movie An­napo­lis. His feel­ings are de­rived from Franco be­ing rude on set and for rough­ing him up dur­ing box­ing scenes.

Wil­liam Shat­ner and George Takei

The feud be­tween th­ese two heated since their Star Trek days. In 2008, when Wil­liam made an out­cry about not be­ing in­vited in Takei’s wed­ding, the ex­change of un­pleas­ant ver­bal brawl added fuel to the fire.

Shan­nen Do­herty and Alyssa Mi­lano Robert Downey Jr and Ter­rence Howard

Howard was sup­posed to be in all three of the Iron Man movies when the movie deal was ini­ti­ated. He also ex­plains that when he re­ceived the news of hav­ing to take a pay cut he called his ‘friend’ Downey, who did not re­turn his calls for three months.

Nick Nolte and Ju­lia Roberts

The Nick Nolte and Ju­lia Roberts quar­rel be­gan back in 1994, on the set of their ro­man­tic com­edy, I Love Trou­ble. The two had a dread­ful time work­ing to­gether, go­ing so far as hav­ing to shoot their scenes sep­a­rately. The quar­rel ap­par­ently con­tin­ued long after the movie wrapped up.

Bill Mur­ray and Lucy Liu

Ever won­der why Bill Mur­ray wasn’t in the se­quel to the Charlie’s An­gels movie? Well it seems that there was a huge blowout on the set of the first edi­tion, be­tween him and ac­tress Lucy Liu.

James Franco and Tyrese Gib­son

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