Storizen Magazine

A note from the Featured Author of our March Edition


The special issue of Storizen magazine is indeed SPECIAL as it has been relaunched amidst the colors of Holi - a festival that epitomizes vibrancy and fervor. The magazine starts with a quote from Victor Hugo, “Even the

darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” It so much echoes with the rise of Storizen from the shadows by a team of selfless, enthusiast­ic people like Saurabh and Pria. The issue not only covers the festival of Holi in all its glory but also celebrates women writers by comprehens­ively covering Women Writer’s Festival 2018. Additional­ly, the magazine beautifull­y captured the journey of some of the noted authors and their works. It was an honor to be featured in the special edition of Storizen magazine. It was a pleasure to interact with Pria, a bubbly team member from Storizen who not only has a pleasant demeanor but also has deep insight into writing and the publishing world.

I wish STORIZEN magazine all the success in future.

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