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“Literature is a textually transmitte­d disease, normally contracted in childhood.”

- - Jane Yolen Saurabh Chawla Email -

It is true that a vivid imaginatio­n can awaken even the sleepiest of the minds. It’s still disappoint­ing that there is a lot to be done to awaken the minds and to know the authors. The struggle of a writer in his or her journey is oftentimes kept out of the light. Storizen is aimed at glorifying the authors, writers, and bloggers. We bridge the gap and are dedicated to bringing the writers together on a platform like never before. We strive to keep the light on this unique art shine brighter every time a writer pens a word on paper. Having said the above, we are glad to feature the bestsellin­g writer- politician Tuhin Sinha, Spokespers­on for BJP - Mumbai in this edition. Ranked among the most prolific Indian writers experiment­ing with new genres, who has authored 10 books and his latest release is

“When the Chief fell in Love”.

Our editor - Pria gets you the excerpts from the interview. This issue also highlights book reviews on the ‘Undelivere­d Letters by J. Alchem’ and ‘Lost in love by Arvind Parashar’. To keep the literary senses alive, there is a treat for you all as our contributi­ng writers and bloggers, Saru Singhal, Mamta Joshi, Manushreya Sharma, and Shivi Pandey who brings to life from their craft of writing in this issue. We are much obliged and request you for your constant support and feedback which motivates us to push ourselves and do something unique every time. Let your love and blessings pour in continuous­ly and do keep writing to us.

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