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What are 'WE'?

It was my English lec­ture that our teacher asked about our lives two years from now. Some said that they see them­selves in elite col­leges of Delhi Uni­ver­sity while oth­ers talked about set­tling in Canada, Aus­tralia, New Zealand etc. While I was to­tally con­fused with fit­ting in nei­ther of the boxes. It was then that she con­cluded that thanks to your par­ents for all your dreams can be ful­filled by them. This was the mo­ment which made me think about who we are ac­tu­ally. Are we not sim­ply a prod­uct of our par­ent's bank bal­ance? What is the dif­fer­ence be­tween a hap­less drug­gie guy loi­ter­ing in those streets of slum and the coolest squad of my class.

The an­swer to my both­er­a­tion was sim­ple. It is our par­ent's power and money that has been guid­ing us and our fate. Let God for­bid, I too could have been a girl work­ing as a do­mes­tic help had I been born to poor par­ents in­stead of study­ing at a re­puted school and iron­i­cally try­ing to ex­plore my pseudo-self. Do we have about in­di­vid­ual en­tity apart from all those things be­stowed upon me by my wealthy par­ents? The an­swer is un­for­tu­nately no. De­spite it, we are still happy with who we are. This chain of pro­duc­ing in­di­vid­u­als with im­prints of past is de­clin­ing the free will and our free­dom to make our own path on our own. The mil­len­ni­als are busy with their In­sta­gram goals gov­erned by the peer and trends while life goals are de­ter­mined by the par­ent's bank bal­ance.

It is time to ques­tion who we are de­spite every­thing we have. Dis­cov­er­ing one's true self is the most dif­fi­cult task. But once it is done wisely, Life be­comes so much easy and cheer­ful. Af­ter all, to know thy­self is the be­gin­ning of wis­dom. Let the jour­ney of self­dis­cov­ery be­gins and prove out to be ex­hil­a­rat­ing and re­ward­ing.

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