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- by Manushreya Sharma

What are 'WE'?

It was my English lecture that our teacher asked about our lives two years from now. Some said that they see themselves in elite colleges of Delhi University while others talked about settling in Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. While I was totally confused with fitting in neither of the boxes. It was then that she concluded that thanks to your parents for all your dreams can be fulfilled by them. This was the moment which made me think about who we are actually. Are we not simply a product of our parent's bank balance? What is the difference between a hapless druggie guy loitering in those streets of slum and the coolest squad of my class.

The answer to my botheratio­n was simple. It is our parent's power and money that has been guiding us and our fate. Let God forbid, I too could have been a girl working as a domestic help had I been born to poor parents instead of studying at a reputed school and ironically trying to explore my pseudo-self. Do we have about individual entity apart from all those things bestowed upon me by my wealthy parents? The answer is unfortunat­ely no. Despite it, we are still happy with who we are. This chain of producing individual­s with imprints of past is declining the free will and our freedom to make our own path on our own. The millennial­s are busy with their Instagram goals governed by the peer and trends while life goals are determined by the parent's bank balance.

It is time to question who we are despite everything we have. Discoverin­g one's true self is the most difficult task. But once it is done wisely, Life becomes so much easy and cheerful. After all, to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. Let the journey of selfdiscov­ery begins and prove out to be exhilarati­ng and rewarding.

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