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BOOK REVIEW - Lost in Love by Arvind Parashar

- Reviewed by Sana Shekh by Arvind Parashar

Reviewed by Sana Shekh

Lost in love' by Arvind Parashar is a heart- wrenching romance thriller which will swipe you off your feet. This is a sequel to the bestsellin­g book ' Messed up! But all for love ' and will definitely touch your hearts like the first one in the series. The story begins with Neil, who is completely devastated as he has lost his only reason for living - Gauri. The matter worsens and Gauri's disappeara­nce becomes a headline. As the cops try to join the dots, Gauri's best friend, Itishri, and Neil's Ex, Arya, comes into the picture.

Is Gauri really abducted?

Is there someone behind all this?

Will Neil and Gauri be able to live up to the promise of together forever?

Will Neil be found or lost in love forever? Grab this engaging tale to know what destiny holds for Neil and Gauri. The cover of the book is catchy enough for any reader to pick the book immediatel­y. The title is totally apt and intriguing. It goes perfectly with the theme of the book. The blurb of the book is crisp and enticing. The plot of the book is very unique. I totally loved the twists and turns in the book. The suspense element was the heart of the book and it kept me hooked till the end. The author has very beautifull­y described the teenage phase, where we are naive and tend to take impulsive actions which can even destroy our lives. The characters are beautifull­y crafted and are given the right space and emotion. The language is lucid and the occasional use of Hindi added spice to the book. The climax is something very unexpected and it intact my belief in happy endings. It was a pleasure reading and meeting my favorite couple - Neil and Gauri. And how can I not mention the beautiful pieces of poetry which took my heart away? A perfect amalgamati­on of friendship, love, jealousy, crime, and thriller. A ‘must have’ book on your shelf.

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