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Dr.Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi


is an anesthetis­t by profession and writer by passion. She is the proud author of three novels, ‘Those enchanted four and half years’, a love story in the backdrop of the medical college, and ‘The missing connection and ‘Hello stranger’, both psychologi­cal suspense thrillers. She has multiple short stories to her credit, five of which have found their way into various paperback anthologie­s. She loves to write a mystery, suspense and twist in the tale kind of stories that keep readers biting their nails till the end. She utilizes her medical know-how into weaving intriguing scenarios with the perfect recipes for a thriller. She writes a blog titled wordcharme­rblog when she’s not putting her patients to sleep. She stays in Thane with her anesthetis­t husband and cute little daughter.

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