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Loose Tees


Also known as boyfriend tee shirts. I am literally in love with them. They are comfortabl­e and stylish. You can simply put a belt around your waist and make it look like address and couple them with a hot pant and tuck them in. These loose tee shirts can be made into anything a multiple times.

Summer has always been a time of the year when I maximise my regime of experiment­ing fashion and let my imaginatio­n run wild. Right from a liliac coloured lipstick to a messy up do and flowy skirt - summer has been the season where all my dramatic attires come out. In summers, you aren’t afraid of water ruining your dress or you dying due to cold, perhaps that is why summer has always been a fashion friendly experience to me. A system engineer by profession but an author by passion. She loves to set her taste buds on fire every once in a while. Travelling is her hobby and shopping too!

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