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Short Story on Mother's day

- - Swetha Rajagopala Anand

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your


- Eliizabeth Stone

Sejal saw her child say goodbye & running inside the school gate. She was happy as it was her first day at school. She came home & made herself a cup of hot tea & sat by the window. A silent tear slipped through her eyes. She remembered the words her family said – please stop being foolish - abort the child. Please marry someone… & she smiled at herself for being so strong & going against all odds & bringing Pari into this beautiful world.

3 years ago...

Rajdeep & Sejal knew each other for little over a year now. Both knew what they deeply felt for each other. One day they were sipping coffee at the CCD. Rajdeep went down on his knees & proposed her. That was the best day of her life. He said, “Sejal…my sweetheart, I am sure you know I am already in love & committed. Still, would you like to be my 2nd love?

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