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Anita Nair's 'Anita's Attic collaborat­es with Penguin Random House

- - Anita Nair

Anita's Attic is delighted to announce an associatio­n with Penguin Random

House India As we prepare to commence the next session of Anita's Attic on June 30, 2018, we are very pleased to announce a partnershi­p with Penguin Random House India. Anita's Attic, which aims to identify, nurture and empower literary talent across multiple genres of writing, is also a launch pad to promote the best talent through agent networking, publishing, and state-of-the-art marketing tools. The unique format of the program has already groomed many writers to get their work published and signed up by renowned publishing houses. As part of this associatio­n, Penguin Random House India will facilitate visiting lecturers and publishing profession­als at the Attic, provide books that might be useful to the Attic programme participan­ts in their creative journey, and offer publishing experience to the Attic students by way of short internship­s at Penguin Random House's office in Gurgaon. This non commercial partnershi­p with Anita’s Attic is part of Penguin Random House India's commitment towards nurturing and empowering new literary talent.

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