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Short Story

- - Sagar Singh

He woke up when the summer sun sneaked in through the window on his face. Sometimes he wished he hadn't put the bed right by the window. The white drapes fluttered with the summer breeze as if calling for him. He looked at her and recalled how beautiful last night was. She was still sleeping and he adjusted her blanket slowly dragging himself out getting his pants on. He had rented this house 6 months back and it was just one big hall divided into a kitchen and a bedroom by a huge bookshelf. In front of his bed on the wall was a flat-screen which was hardly ever used, only when friends were over. There was a sofa in front for the same reason. He made his way to the kitchen and washed his face in the sink. The heat seemed to increase rapidly. He wasn't the sophistica­ted type when it came to trivial things. Filled the vessel and put it to boil, mixing some eggs.

"How dare you leave me alone in bed?" she asked leaning on the shelf looking at him.

She was in his white shirt which perfectly hung on her body showing glimpses of her black lingerie. She didn't bother to button it all the way.

The humid weather catching on to her as drops of sweat surfaced on her neck and forehead. Her eyes with a hint of eyeliner were the most seductive part of her, he thought. It was hard for him to resist himself from pulling her into his arms and giving her reasons to sweat a little more. She snapped her fingers waiting for an answer.

He slid her coffee and smiled.

"I thought breakfast in bed would please you. Looks like I'm wrong."

She loved how he knew, food was her weakness.

"If you are making grilled cheese and scrambled eggs, you are right."

He motioned towards the eggs he was mixing and the sliced bread pieces. She winked and made her way back picking the book she was reading last night. She adjusted the fan towards her. Laying on the bed, she faced the kitchen, sneaking glances while he was busy making breakfast.

And in that instant they both thought to themselves, 'God, I love you.'

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