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Every Season

- - Cheena Kachroo

The time that started with sun and moon, The sec which ends with the strong boon.

Summer has come.

Children have started playing their drums,

After all, it's the beautiful holiday sum!

"Daddy I need that ice cream",

As it’s a sun-filled with an intensive beam.

So hot!

Isn’t it like a new thought. How beautiful this season is, Filled with flowers blooming,

Sunflowers dancing,

And me Lying and enhancing.

Sweat Sweat!

Please fly away like a jet. It's the season filled with love,

The season of flying dove.

Summers are favorite,

But having a lot of gol Gappa is extravagan­t.

How beautiful is the creation of god,

Summers are there,

Winters are there,

Spring is too there,

But the common thing is that every season is

beautiful in its air (filled with love)

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