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You are forever in my Heart by Sanjeev Ranjan

- - Himani Gupta

When it comes to love stories, I am a very big fan of these books. Although I prefer happy ending sometimes exceptions are there when books are extremely good to read. Sanjeev’s book is one such example. The narration is from the first person which itself indicates that it is somehow a real-life story which itself make the boo so engrossing to read that you could not stop the book till you completes it. The cover of the book is beautifull­y designed perfectly match the title and story. I just fell in love with the character Sanjeev and his love for Suchi. The characters of the book are well defined. Ruchita, Suchi, Sanjeev and even Ashima all were perfectly matched in the story. I just love the way Ruchita played the bubbly character which is full of life. Each part of the story keeps you hooked until the end. I just loved the way Sanjeev had planned the one-day trip for Suchi. It was very romantic. I also loved the way Suchi had expressed her feelings for Sanjeev through letters. The climax of the book really will make you cry. I just can’t stop myself from crying. Overall, as a voracious reader,

I would recommend everyone to read this book and understand the meaning of soulmate and true love.

About the book

“Love can leave a memory no one can steal,

Love can leave a pain no one can heal.”

Sanjeev had loved Ashima with his heart and soul. But she left him for another, leaving him in a vortex of pain, dejection and depression. Unable to move on and haunted by her memories day and night, he pens down his story as a novel and becomes a noted author.

With a nudge from a friend, he decides to make an effort to reclaim his life, to learn to be alive again and joins a photograph­y class. There, he befriends Ruchita, a happy-golucky girl, who introduces him to his ardent fan Shuchi who is fighting a break up too. As two broken hearts meet, they connect like they were made for each other. But just when Sanjeev seems to have gained some control over life, he receives a pack of letters that turns his world upside down.

Will Sanjeev find true love or has destiny planned something else for him?You Are Forever in my Heart is based on real life events and explores the true meaning of love that was once lost and comes back.

About the Author

Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestsellin­g author of three books – In Course of True Love (2012), It's No Longer a Dream (2014) and Just the Way You Are (2014). In his small social circle, he is known as an ambivert, a keen observer of human behaviour and relationsh­ips, and a motivator. He is an engineer, but to stay away from engineerin­g, he earned an MBA degree from the prestigiou­s Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT).

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Reviewed by Himani Gupta
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