Ok! Lets Have A #wetwo Move­ment Now

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“I am an In­dian and all In­di­ans are my broth­ers and sis­ters”. So cat­e­gor­i­cally, I still re­mem­ber my school pledge which, de­void of any day, our Sis­ter prin­ci­pal made us take in those manda­tory morn­ing as­sem­blies. Alas but! Seems we never ad­hered to it. We never ad­hered to it to an ex­tent that al­le­ga­tions, clar­i­fi­ca­tions, opin­ion mak­ings, mud slan­der­ing, hurl­ing abuses, tears, cries, asymp­to­matic sym­pa­thies, plas­tic valor, hol­low man­hood, and wom­an­hood are sim­ply be­com­ing a vi­able and plau­si­ble re­place­ment of so­cial net­work and sub­se­quently, me­dia to­day.

I won­der if some dec­o­rated man or woman from His­tory ever won­dered “What is in­jus­tice? Jus­tice, which is not done in your fa­vor.” The fun­da­men­tal idea is what are we seek­ing from this move­ment? The en­tire In­dian so­ci­ety is di­vided be­tween boon or bane on this is­sue, how­ever, the much-flab­ber­gasted ques­tion still ex­ists “What are we look­ing for – Sup­port, sym­pa­thy, a shoul­der to cry upon or plain and fair jus­tice? For if you seek the for­mer, you are do­ing some kind of so­cial fa­vor to your­self, how­ever, if you seek jus­tice, you are es­tab­lish­ing a moral­is­tic and em­pow­er­ing chap­ter for all those deprived and marginal­ized women who ei­ther are pe­titely sub­merged in some re­mote vil­lages and have un­der­stood sex­ual mis­con­duct as a di­rect bi­o­log­i­cal con­se­quence of be­ing a woman or do not have ac­cess to elit­ist so­cial me­dia or that com­mu­ni­ca­ble English lan­guage, how­ever, but, the paradigm doesn’t shift, it still says, a woman and her chastity still should be pro­cured the same what­ever back­drop she comes from. A lit­tle ex­ca­va­tion in the

Amer­i­can his­tory would tell us that that dur­ing the 18th and 19th cen­tury, sex­ual co­er­cion was a norm with the fe­male slaves in the south and free do­mes­tic work­ers in the north. The sit­u­a­tion as late as late as in 1920s was so inevitably in­ex­pli­ca­ble that the only so­lu­tion mech­a­nism given to the dis­tressed fe­male em­ploy­ees was to sim­ply quit their jobs if they weren’t able to han­dle the ‘pres­sure’. With the wave of post mod­ern aware­ness and women em­pow­er­ment ram­pages and cam­paigns, the de­mand for eq­uity and bal­ance grew and there­fore, we have in Asia to­day (in­clud­ing In­dia) cer­tain strin­gent laws which prom­ise dra­co­nian puni­tive ac­tions against such acts. The sig­nif­i­cance is, in plain and sim­ple state­ment, is to strengthen the his­tory than to un­der­line the jar­gons in

vo­cab­u­lary, to act me­thod­i­cally than to spread it like a happy new year get to gather. Any move­ment shall lose its sheen if isn’t dealt at the right time, with right peo­ple and at the right place. With the en­tire bar­rage of opin­ions, decla­ma­tions and de­bates, the es­sen­tial el­e­ment of any story would be­come fee­ble, less im­por­tant, blurred and shall be re­placed by per­sonal vendetta, com­mon ex­pe­ri­ence shar­ing and mere re­dun­dant gos­sip­ing for­get­ting about the vi­able medi­ums to seek jus­tice. Al­ways re­mem­ber, you don't need ‘per se’ a move­ment to call out an in­jus­tice done to you. Let’s never for­get that the en­tire ‘# MeToo’ move­ment was never about a man or woman, it was al­ways about to seek jus­tice about so­cial an­ni­hi­la­tion on moral­ity and phys­i­cal­ity and a ve­he­ment yet sup­pressed de­mand to achieve it. Be­tween all what is said and what is yet to be done and when hu­man­ity and men – women re­la­tion­ships are at a new low, alien­ations are hap­pen­ing like never be­fore, I firmly imag­ine some kind of a ‘wetwo’ move­ment where peo­ple can share ideas, ex­pe­ri­ences and in­ci­dents where ev­ery­one lose their emo­tional bag­gage to share where a man or a woman has been an in­spi­ra­tion to each other’s life. This could range any­time and any­thing be­tween im­me­di­ate unadul­ter­ated friend­ships to a sus­tain­able re­la­tion­ship for life. Mother na­ture did not do any­thing ex­cept cre­at­ing an emo­tional thread be­tween a man and woman to es­tab­lish con­ven­tional em­pa­thy for each other’s pain and plea­sure. The love be­tween a man and woman is not de­pen­dent upon the ful­fill­ment of con­di­tions or abid­ing by norms or laws. It's free and rest­less. It sets its own prin­ci­ples upon sit­u­a­tions and cir­cum­stances. Let it flow

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