In­dia's Most Beau­ti­ful Waterfall Is Here In Megha­laya- Krang Shuri

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Rar­ity at­tracts ev­ery­one. This con­cept also works for trav­el­ing, as trav­el­ers have al­ways been hun­gry of quaint and dif­fer­ent kind of places. In­dia is the best coun­try for trav­el­ing, but still, there is a lack of long stretch with­out ur­ban­iza­tion for tran­quil­lity. How­ever, there is one ex­cep­tion and it's North-East In­dia be­cause North-East is still kept pre­served with in­tact nat­u­ral beauty.

You must have wit­nessed so many types of wa­ter­falls in In­dia, like big­gest, tallest, widest etc. But to­day I am go­ing to talk about one waterfall, which is com­pletely dif­fer­ent. I can say, it’s sim­ply po­tent enough to give a vi­sional feast to your eyes. Yes, you heard right! A waterfall, whose scenery is an en­chant­ing enough to ques­tion its re­al­ity. Krang-Shuri is a waterfall, sit­u­ated in West Jain­tia district of Megha­laya state. It is off the way place, which is also cut off from the usual bucket list of trav­el­ers who come to Megha­laya. This is the same waterfall which can give you rem­i­nis­cence of that scene of Bahubali movie. Not usual, but this place is nes­tled in the mid of for­est, where peace is ly­ing per­fectly. From the main Dawki-Jowai high­way, there is one cob­bled way bring­ing us to the point, from where we can have a view of the waterfall from up­side. This waterfall is sand­wiched in mid of dense for­est. From the same peak point, the trek starts to down­side. You will start get­ting ex­cited af­ter hav­ing a far tucked view of this waterfall from that point. That trek is of around 10-20 min­utes, which is adorned by the lo­cal art of bam­boo and sur­rounded by green­ery. And here you reach the des­ti­na­tion like never be­fore.

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