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I ran and es­caped my­self into the dark, search­ing

for a room for my­self.”

I’ve been used to run away from my feel­ings, in such a way that, when I ran away from ‘Love’,

I didn’t sense that out. Since child­hood, ‘My par­ents’ wanted me to be some­one, who would stand for them, so I took that as a goal for me. I thought I would love my life, with­out ex­pect­ing any­thing in re­turn. But… No mat­ter how far I went,

I wasn’t left far, life kept on fol­low­ing me. Ex­pec­ta­tion killed my emo­tions and jolted me up

straight to the deep core. As a re­sult, I was used and be­trayed. Not once or twice, as far as I

re­mem­ber, a num­ber of times. But a part of mak­ing me weak, these things made me learned

lessons, and more­over, how to choose the

gen­uine stuff for life. You won’t ever be sure enough to catch your own re­flec­tion, but you can

surely be best in pour­ing it. Be gen­uine, not for what you go­ing to achieve, but for some­thing which you are do­ing at present. In­stead of run­ning off your prob­lems, stand still

and solve it.

A 21 years old soul from Ranchi, Jhark­hand. He loves pour­ing his heart out on the white sheets of paper, with his baby named Ink in dif­fer­ent col­ors. Con­tribut­ing writer of 35+ An­tholo­gies, he is look­ing to bring his de­but novella out this March’19.

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