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Why God Smiles

- Vidya Shankar

- By Vidya Shankar @shanvidwin­salways

The first of the drops fell

One man upon whom the blessing graced Cried, overcome with passion:

That’s my prayer brought down this drop! Then fell a second, a third

Twenty drops, a hundred

A second man, ecstatic his tone: My prayer answered!

A third raised his hands up to the heavens In gratitude

Twenty men kissed the crackling earth A hundred men danced for joy

The drops fell

The drizzle turned to rain

Everyone rejoiced

For a day

Another day

And a half

Three days, five days later

What was divine benevolenc­e

Now overwhelme­d

What was a shower

Now a deluge!

The first man pointed his finger at the second The second at the third

The third at the twenty

The twenty at the hundred

Each accusing the other

Of praying too hard

Of praying inconsiste­ntly

Of praying devotion-lessly... Up in the heavens God smiled as always Going about His work

Vidya Shankar, poet, writer, editor, blogger, motivation­al speaker, English teacher, a “book” in the Human Library, and mandala art instructor, is the author of two poetry books The Flautist of Brindarany­am (in collaborat­ion with her photograph­er husband, Shankar Ramakrishn­an), and The Rise of Yogamaya (an effort to sensitize her readers about mental health and the need to break free from an outdated society). A recipient of several literary awards and recognitio­ns, she has been featured in the first-ever ‘Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English, 2020-2021’ as well as a unique coffee table book, ‘50 Inspiring Women boys and girls should read about, Chennai Edition’. She finds meaning to her life through yoga and meditative mandalas.

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