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Mortuary Tales by Kashif Mashaikh

- - Swapna Peri

It was a bright Tuesday. As I was browsing through the Instagram page of the Westland Publishers, I happened to see a post that intrigued me extensivel­y. The post had a book cover named ' Mortuary Tales '. Without a thought, I bought the Kindle version and finished reading the book in maybe 3 hours.

As soon as I acquired it, I read the book Author Kashif's close associatio­n with Author S.Hussain Zaidi. I am a big fan of Hussain's writing, and his insight on Mumbai Underworld is fascinatin­g. Thus, I ended up reading this book by Kashif.

The book, Mortuary Tales is a collection of nine stories that emerged from love, pain, guilt, remorse, and introspect­ion.

This book can also be coined as a novel that makes understand readers what death is! A strict trigger warning to the readers who are not comfortabl­e reading gore and life-threatenin­g writings.

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