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Thunder and Rain

- - Sumantra Chaudhary

And with wonder did I see,

The streaks are white, violet, and purple. Skating across the vast skies, Etching designs of realms supernatur­al.

Gliding smoothly with sublime grace, They danced with pure bliss, As Tefnut's bounty mightily showered, Drenching Earth with its gentle kiss.

The silvery streams have woken up, The flowers their gossip resumed, Earth, she smells fragrant and afresh, Life has been again renewed.

Lads and lassies frollick away.

The cattle yonder, they look relieved. The birds in glory tweet a tune,

It's the newfound freedom they've received.

Let's embrace this lively wetness, Romance the moist air, fingers entwined. Let our love bloom with vigor, Let no boundaries today bind

Sumantra is a young aspiring poet trying to express his thoughts, emotions, and ideas through rhyming verse. He is working as a Senior Consultant (Communicat­ion Design) with a reputed IT firm in Bangalore.

He is also a trained Kathak & Hip Hop dancer and has performed in several stage shows. When not writing or dancing, he spends time creating short funny videos on social media. He believes that the best gifts in life come in small packages.

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