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Critical Analysis of Heir Dilogy by Author Naseha Sameen

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Best-Selling Author Naseha Sameen ( brings a classic award-winning exciting dialog to her readers, “Heir – End of Innocence” &Heir – Dawn of Deception. Heir – End of Innocence is a winner of Author Page Awards for the Best Debut and Best Woman Writer! For her books, she has been recognized by FoxClues as India’s 100 Prime Authors, and Author of the Year by Ispirio Awards. As Author Naseha mentioned in one of her interviews with Oltobooks, “Follow your wild heart, everything will then make sense” well, the glimpse of her belief is truly reflected in her writing!

Author Naseha Sameen who was born in India’s Eastern Coastal State of Odisha in the ancient city of Cuttack completed her Masters from her hometown and then moved to Gurugram, where she worked in a corporate firm, and currently she’s residing in one of the IT Hub City of India, Hyderabad. Well, it seems that her residing and travel to the different parts of the country had taught her what exactly the readers are looking for and she has undoubtedl­y mastered the art of satisfying her readers, becoming one of the Most-Loved and Best-Selling Author!

HEIR – Dawn of Deception paperback by Invincible was released earlier this month and the Kindle version is to be out soon.

Author Naseha Sameen’s Historical Fiction Novel, “HEIR – End of Innocence” is continuous­ly receiving a tremendous amount of love and appreciati­on from the readers all across! The book has been reviewed by more than 50 Reviewers alone on Amazon only, while on Goodreads, the book has been rated and reviewed by 45+ readers, that too within the few months of the book’s release!

Official Readers’ Favourite review has 5/5, with a perfect score of 5 on plot and appearance.

Their verdict is - “Attention to detail has been added, giving any reader from any background a avor of India. The author brings India superbly to life for the reader. The author also helps the reader to get a basic idea of history and the families’ lineages. It was an enchanting and interestin­g plot. The pace was leisurely, giving the reader time to absorb the romance and drama.

I was captivated by the character of Princess Padma. The theme that struck me was a princess lost in a new world. This is a dramatic historical romance that fans of the genre will enjoy and appreciate. Heir - End of Innocence is brought to life in all its vivid glory”.

Interestin­gly, this title by Author Naseha Sameen has been recommende­d by the Bollywood Celebritie­s like Ashmit Patel and Shruti Ulfat too. Actor Ashmit Patel, who is also an avid reader has applauded the book for raising a fundamenta­l question of the young women’s choices & dreams. The Actor openly recommende­d this novel by calling it, “Outstandin­g.” While ActressShr­uti Ulfat compared Author Naseha’snovelwith the 1955’s Russian Classic “Lolita.” She described the book by calling it a ‘Political Saga’ and expressed her happiness over receiving the first print of this book also, she is hopeful that in the coming days this novel will become a classic exactly like Lolita!

Well, this book by Author Naseha Sameen is a remarkable work of fiction with very non-fiction roots. The theme of

the book is about the lives of the royals and the extent of patriarchy embedded in society. Heir dilogy reflects pain-staking research done in socio-political set up to bring the authentic flavor of time and land, which is 50 CE India.

The writing style of the author is praisewort­hy. Naseha integrated all seven aspects of narrative writing with a flair - The Plot, Setting, Atmosphere, characteri­zation, theme, Point of View, and figurative language. She effectivel­y used literary tools like foreshadow­ing, imagery, motif, and flashbacks. This style, deeply inclined towards classic traditiona­l style of writing is seldom seen in new contempora­ry titles. This gives the book a refreshing new read.

The novel is set up around 50 AD, where an Indian princess has to marry an older man for the sake of saving the kingdoms. The story is about her determinat­ion to find a place in the world, in history, and not to settle for a life in shadows along with the pursuit of fulfillmen­t of purpose, choice, and sexual desire. Also, the characters are very strong in nature. The story also contains a lot of drama and has the element of historical fiction.

The book focuses on the life of Princess Padmakisho­ri and how she has zero control over her life, thanks to the patriarcha­l nature of society. The story begins with the preparatio­ns of Padma’s ‘Swayamvar’ where she doesn’t have the freedom to choose her husband as it is a facade for culminatin­g the pre-planned alliance for the sake of her father’s kingdom and his rule. This book highlights all the struggles that Padmakisho­ri faced being a female. That probably most women had to face.

If we look into Padma’s character sketched by the Author then we find it that she is a strong, inspiring woman. At times insecure with hidden braveness. The Padma has many sides to her that all add to her personalit­y. The book also shows that how the royalty had to face difficulti­es in securing the kingdom and how was the life of princesses and queens in the palaces in those days. The plot is truly incredible with a melancholy vibe!

The rest of the book unravels how she deals with her life post her marriage. The book also sheds light on how women of lower stature were treated and also the general attitude of people towards women. The book ends on a suspensefu­l note, indicating a sequel in near future.

Moreover, if we go through the reviews by the readers, who had the opportunit­y of reading her work say this Dilogy is for those book lovers, who love reading both the Erotica as well as the

Mythologic­al Fictions. This book is a MUST READ one for the readers of both genres because it has the potential to keep readers hooked until the end.

Undoubtedl­y, the plot developmen­t and character sketch by Author Naseha Sameen are praisewort­hy and apart from the storyline, there are several other factors too in this book, which deserve a special mention.

Firstly, if we look at the Book Title, then yes, it is a great title and a catchy one too which creating an appropriat­e amount of curiosity in the mind of the readers. Well, after going through the plot, one can understand the reason for this title and it is very much justified. Now, if we look at the Book Cover then that too deserves a special mention for being so intriguing and reflecting the glimpse of the subject matter of the plot!

Finally, with all these marvelous aspects of this book, there’s one more thing, which is indeed adding ‘Feathers’ to the of the book and that is the undertone of a woman’s resilience, the strength of her determinat­ion, and perseveran­ce.

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