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Why? by Abdul Ghaffar

- - Swapna Peri

Everything in the world starts with the single question WHY? The more we ask, the more we seek. This is how everything in and around the human mind and world runs. The curiosity to know is what makes a person creative and seeker. The qualities like inquisitiv­eness and curiosity in a human combined create wonders. A limitless quest in life is responsibl­e for every invention and discovery. Without this, the energy could have been stalled!

The book contains eight chapters, and with an interestin­g preface and conclusion, this book serves a greater purpose to become intellectu­al silently, just by questionin­g. From the initial chapters, readers will come across interestin­g facts about the power of thinking and how the human brain analysis everything. Not so spiritual, but mostly the scientific approach makes the book special. The author also included many tips and tricks in order to self-inspire by trying to know many things with one small question WHY?

About the Book

In this book, "WHY- Reason for Every Action: Start your Day with Why, author Abdul Ghaffar explains how the trait of being curious can be used in every field of research and invention, which in turn gives the best results.

This book can be recommende­d to the youngsters and students in the pensive state because of the uncertaint­y towards the future. This book, especially during these COVID times, will help one feel better about themselves.

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A passionate book reviewer, writer, narrator, translator, and copy editor, Swapna has a B. Tech in Computer Science and is a former SAP Technical Consultant. She is the writer, narrator, editor, and translator for three books published with Literoma Publishing, Kolkata. She created and manages the “Book Reviews Café” official blog and Facebook page that contains all the book reviews.

Swapna is also a content writer and reviewer with Storizen Magazine, CriticSpac­e Journals website, The Literature Times website, The Asian Review website, and the Literature Today website. She is a columnist with one of the leading women's websites in Telugu named 'Vihanga'.

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