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Life and death are the two sides of the same coin. With life comes death, without death, there is no new life. They share an eternal bond that is inseparabl­e! The thought germinated a seed for this month's theme, Life and Death - The Eternal Bond.

Any art is ageless we believe so is the writing! We are super excited to have on the cover of Storizen

Magazine this month, The Ageless Writer - Leo

Tolstoy. This month marks his 193rd birth anniversar­y. Do check out the exclusive feature on page 8!

Check out the hot new releases this month and feed your cravings for books. We have got some awesome new launches including Imaan by Westland and Vultures of Paradise by Rupa Publicatio­ns.

We are constantly working backstage to bring you the best content ever.

We keep on adding new and fresh content to keep you updated on the go. Do check out the articles in the Health section by Health expert Sushma M. Bhardwaj.

We have also introduced a section for horoscope by Himani Gupta who is a Tarot reader and book reviewer. Do check out what's in your stars next month!

We thank our readers and contributo­rs for their constant support and motivating us to bring you some of the best content each month. Keep spreading the love and support!

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