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Deja Vu

- - Madhumathi H

The sands of time I step upon

Feels familiar, and strange alternativ­ely

Am I on my first journey, never traveled before

Are more stations waiting, and more trains for transport?!

A sudden entry from the cosmic

As an atom, of the fathomless

Yet nostalgia engulfs my soul

Completely oblivious of the apparent

Oh, dear Deja vu! Of whom, are you?

Reminiscen­ce flashing like an over speeding car

Not even a glimpse of the rear wheel

Not mine, or all mine? clarity jumbled up

Birth and death a cycle, rebirths a cleansing?!

Will my entry and exit be clothed, in 'just born' memories?

Ah! the chocolate showers upon my entry

And the threatenin­g whips of steel thorns

The Karma baggage, and consequenc­es

While longing to shed my everything for that

Oneness Oh, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe!

Why can't the cycle begin, and end just here

This carryover Math is a huge problem

Never chain us with remainders

Aware of the tiny molecule I am, in all humility Am questionin­g you dear Omniscient, "why take stress?!" Just reward, and punish then and there, before we exit Create anew! afresh! redemption­s can take a break My knowings are less, but my thirst is unquenchab­le So are my quests, sometimes dragging me to strife With my own self, that includes the inseparabl­e you Longing to see you rewrite the pages of destiny

Pardon me, dear Omniscient! but am custom-made in your factory

Wired inside with primordial questions

Every 'Whys' I come up with sighs, tears, and anger

Are my conflicts within my universe, without a referee

Just when the storm paves the way to calmness

I find myself amid an ocean of answers

But what were my flurried questions, and where are they now?

Why do I need the answers, when the search has forgotten the cause...

The giant bell rings aloud

I hold tight my blanket, dreading the bitter pills

Shut my mind, and shun the strife, for

Am too tired to hear the truths I already know

Whether my first journey, added coaches, or my last train

And, the sands of time I step upon a mixture

I sieve the tenses to retain this present

In moments I shall live, sow my desires

Let whatever that sprouts, be my tiny precious garden

Staying away from the oracles of the morrows

Burdening memories of yesterdays

All I want to know, is am now, am here, LIVING.

A bilingual poet-writer( Tamil, English), Madhumathi is an ardent lover of Nature, Poetry, Photograph­y and Music. Her poems are published in Anthologie­s of The Poetry Society (India), AIFEST 2020 Poetry contest Anthology, CPC- Chennai Poetry Circle, IPC – India Poetry Circle, Amaravati Poetic Prism, and in e-zines UGC approved Muse India, Storizen, OPA – Our Poetry Archives, IWJ Internatio­nal Writers Journal, Positive Vibes, and Science Shore.

‘’Ignite Poetry'’, “Arising from the dust”, “Painting Dreams", “Shards of the unsung Poesies" are some of the recent Anthologie­s her poems, and write ups are part of.

Besides Poetry, Madhumathi writes on Mental health, to create awareness and break the stigma, strongly believing in the therapeuti­c and transforma­tional power of words.

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