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A Friend for Life

- - Vidya Shankar

Icy fingers! Pitiless! Cruel!

They say that of you, the ones who fear

Realizing not

You walk with us

Every day, every minute, second

A trusted, empathetic friend Protecting, alerting

Giving us chances, three, four, more

Until the goings overwhelm

And then you ease us, release us

We start all over

A new lease

Not knowing yet again that you Death

Are a friend for Life.

Vidya Shankar, poet, writer, editor, blogger, motivation­al speaker, English teacher, a “book” in the Human Library, and mandala art instructor, is the author of two poetry books The Flautist of Brindarany­am (in collaborat­ion with her photograph­er husband, Shankar Ramakrishn­an), and The Rise of Yogamaya (an effort to sensitize her readers about mental health and the need to break free from an outdated society). A recipient of several literary awards and recognitio­ns, she has been featured in the first-ever ‘Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English, 2020-2021’ as well as a unique coffee table book, ‘50 Inspiring Women boys and girls should read about, Chennai Edition’. She finds meaning to her life through yoga and meditative mandalas.

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