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Flutters of orange and black

- - Sangita Kalarickal

Summer is but a flitting thought On the wings of a hummingbir­d, Winter is the six-month truth. Long.

But for now

Among stolen moments of the weather

Delicate butterflie­s create a tornado

Of wishes and wannabes

The Monarch visits to dance

Before the flowers wither

And foliage says their weak goodbyes.

Winter is the six-month truth. Long.

But certainty

Of crocuses and snowdrops linger

As the harbingers of spring Slumber deep

Within the white bosom of the earth A cycle repeats

In the twilight zone Dandelion dreams always Haunt.

Born a poet at heart, Sangita Kalarickal has been honing her craft since childhood. Also a fantasy writer with a soft corner for literary fiction, she lives in Minnesota, USA, with her husband, kid, and the several characters she writes about. Currently she is working on her first chapbook. In her day job avatar she is a physicist and has also been known to moonlight as a gardener and a community volunteer.

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