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Tests for Women in their 40’s


Breast exam and mammogram: One might be regularly checking breasts at home but still doctor should do an exam annually, but most experts recommend having a mammogram test done after age 40.

Blood pressure: Blood pressure may rise with increasing age that's common. Fortunatel­y, one can lower his/her blood pressure through diet, exercise, and medication.

Weighing one's weight: Taking care of weight is another factor as being overweight can put one at high risk for developing a number of diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

Pelvic exam and pap: A woman should get this test done especially if she is sexually active.

Looking for moles: Unusual moles or skin changes can lead to cancer but these are curable. if diagnosed at an early stage.

Regarding supplement­s, I would recommend pink 18 OK Life care for women of age between 18 to 39

So, in nutshell, if we want to improve Health Foundation we have to take care of our women first. it will lead to a healthy home and eventually make a nation healthy.

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