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Saya, a girl from a middle-class family, moves to America after marriage and comes to her maternal home in Mumbai after a long time. During her stay, she spends most of her time with her mother and talks on her bed in the tiny bedroom of her mother's flat, trying to relive moments that she missed earlier in the hustle and bustle of time.

She also starts to feel that the intensity gradually declines. But somewhere at the crossroads are the golden vines of true love faltering on the ground of values, and she sees a vibrant campaign of selfdiscov­ery, loyalty, and the endless flight of the frantic dreams of a town teenager. The dark shades of the gullible girl's downfall, the disappeara­nce of the limits for the pursuit of money, and the increasing crimes all create chaos in her mind, yet she sustains and fights. This is a story of the triumph of a gullible girl who stood against vulnerabil­ities and discrimina­tion.

The story is ala-carte of emotions and virtues. It has no drawbacks and is perfect in shape.

The book is perfect for reading on a lazy day with a cup of coffee and a paper towel, as the nuances will mellow down the mind and turn them into sweet tears.

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