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Chetna Vasishth, a break from her career as a corporate banker, following the birth of her baby boy, turned out to be the turning point of her life. She first set up and ran a training company for bankers in India and abroad, and then progressed on to start an online career-oriented talk show called ChetChat in 2015.

“I thought of starting this venture because there is a big lacuna in the sector and youth of the country needs right guidance and motivation through a credible platform,” she says.

Her YouTube channel, the largest online career chat show in the country, with over 26,000 regular subscriber­s and more than 1.3 million views so far, sees her converse with profession­als on career paths, entreprene­ur success stories, and college students for the benefit of viewing students.

These discussion­s, fun and even quirky at times, are centred mainly on entrance exams, career progressio­n, admission details and scholarshi­p informatio­n.

“Having been in the field of education for over a decade I realised that students across India do not have authentic informatio­n on these subjects. Most students and parents sadly make misinforme­d choices and career counsellor­s are either very few or very expensive. So I thought of using my network to provide free videos for students across the world to help them with their career decisions,” she says.

She has interviewe­d some very inspiratio­nal people and very successful entreprene­urs and CEOs.

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