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Our tech know-it-all an­swers your most burn­ing ques­tions, in­clud­ing, um, ‘Can you rec­om­mend a glue gun?’ True story

AShort an­swer: yes. The neat head­set de­sign of the PSVR means it hov­ers com­fort­ably over all but the most ridicu­lous spec­ta­cles.

Long an­swer: yes, but. You have a pair of lenses that have been crafted to suit your eyes per­fectly. They’re very spe­cific, and de­signed for look­ing for­wards; move your eyes around and you’ll prob­a­bly see a slight dis­tor­tion in your pe­riph­eral vi­sion. Place an­other lens in front of this, add in some screen door ef­fect, and you’re dou­bling the po­ten­tial for odd vis­ual twistery.

It may be worth try­ing a more rea­son­ably priced head­set – a Day­dream unit, maybe, or the Oculus Go (see p82) to see if your brain is com­pat­i­ble be­fore mov­ing on to the big boy toys.

Guru should also point out the PSVR is just for the PS4. If you’re on PC, you’re look­ing at an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift. The lat­ter is slightly bet­ter for the be­spec­ta­cled, though it’ll likely press quite hard on the arms of your glasses. The Vive is a tougher fit, but it’s at least pos­si­ble to use. You may find you can tweak the in­ter­nal lenses to suit your eyes enough that you don’t have to wear your glasses at all – both head­sets are ad­justable.

If that doesn’t work, head over to and pick up some re­place­ment lenses that ex­actly match your pre­scrip­tion. Not a cheap op­tion, but one which does away with those pesky specs al­to­gether. And if you’re re­ally get­ting se­ri­ous, GaGu’s now of­fer­ing Def­i­nitely Not Lasik surgery in his garage. Hold still…

It’s not a cheap op­tion, but you can do away with your specs by pick­ing up re­place­ment lenses that match your pre­scrip­tion

ABOVE VR head­sets can’t take you to a world where you have 20:20 vi­sion, sadly

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