How can I im­prove my run­ning style?

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ARun­ning isn’t all about form, dear reader. Wit­ness Mrs Guru, who runs like some­one has filled the heels of her train­ers with scald­ing drawing pin soup. She’s still out there pound­ing the streets. Guru him­self has been likened to a star­tled ele­phant, both in terms of his clumpy gait and the trum­pet­ing noise he makes on the move.

You, on the other hand? You want to get faster, more ef­fi­cient. You want to push harder and stronger and longer. That’s what GaGu loves about you. So, of course, you’ve al­ready got your­self a smart watch that can mon­i­tor your heart rate. But are you go­ing far enough? Have you put down a con­sid­er­able amount on a Garmin Fore­run­ner 935, com­plete with a pair of heart-rate mon­i­tors? You should: it’s the per­fect way to keep tabs not only on what your body is do­ing now, but also on what it’s done be­fore. You can set your­self up to race against a spooky ghost ver­sion of your­self, mean­ing that you can con­cen­trate on im­prov­ing your pace rather than des­per­ately lurch­ing for that fin­ish line in an at­tempt to best your over­all time. You can also re­ally see what run­ning is do­ing for your body, com­par­ing your heart rate be­tween dif­fer­ent out­ings. It’s all very neat.

If you want to kick more ef­fi­ciently and pep up your pos­ture, the Arion smart soles (around `18,420 for a pair, be­cause run­ning with just one wouldn’t make much sense) an­a­lyse the in­ter­ac­tion be­tween your foot and the ground, giv­ing you tips as to how pre­cisely you’re muck­ing it up. GaGu has, in the past, scoffed at the idea of smart shoes. How­ever, it turns out that, un­be­liev­ably, he was dead wrong. These are clever, work with just about any trainer, and his pro run­ning bud­dies reckon the time is ap­proach­ing when they’re go­ing to be in­dis­pens­able.

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