What can I do with my old Xbox 360?

T3 India - - Horizon Gadget Guru -

ADon’t be hasty to bin it. Guru’s ZX Spec­trum still hasn’t joined his dis­carded tech ed­i­fice, mainly be­cause he’s still not fin­ished Jet Set Willy. There are stacks of great games kick­ing about for the Xbox 360. They’re cheap and read­ily avail­able, so get play­ing.

If you can’t bring your­self to lower your stan­dards, here’s the an­swer you al­ready knew: an Xbox 360 makes an ex­cel­lent HD me­dia player. There’s an app for all the catch-up ser­vices, every main stream­ing plat­form and Plex. Hook it up to a screen, and you’ve saved your­self the price of a Chrome­cast and added a whole host of te­dious man­ual steps. How’s that for value?

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