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Clinic is in session. This month: elec­tric skate­boards, sleep tech that re­ally works, and what the heck is Blockchain?

My room is noisy. How do I sleep?

AYou prob­a­bly don’t know this, but Guru once lived on a con­struc­tion site. Well, ‘lived’ is a bit strong. Per­haps ‘hid’ is a bet­ter de­scrip­tor. What­ever the se­man­tics, dur­ing that time your favourite gad­get un­cle learned a thing or two about sleep­ing in loud and dan­ger­ous en­vi­ron­ments.

First, you’ll want to make sure your ears are suit­ably blocked. Bose’s Sleep­Buds are a neat so­lu­tion, fizzing all sorts of brain-dead­en­ing noise into your ears through­out the night. But you don’t have to spend that much money as good ear plugs, like Mack’s, might be all you need as long as you’re happy with the sound of your own flu­ids slosh­ing around in­side your head.

You can go cus­tom, with ear plugs moulded specif­i­cally for the shape of your lugs (the ProGuard MYO) or re­ally push the boat out with the ti­ta­nium Iso­late Pro buds from Flare Au­dio, although the lat­ter pokes out a bit too much for comfy

The Smart Nora slips into a pil­low and re­po­si­tions the head of night­time honkers when­ever they start to re­ally give it some


You might think about sort­ing out your sleep en­vi­ron­ment. If you sleep with a snorer, as Mrs Guru does, try Smart Nora. The de­vice helps to re­spo­si­tion the head of night­time honkers when they start to re­ally give it some while you’re try­ing to sleep. The Silent Part­ner Smart­patch is also an in­ter­est­ing take on noise can­celling, emit­ting a re­verse­wave counter snore to can­cel out those som­nam­bu­lar emis­sions.

If it ever sees the light of day—the fan­ci­ful crowd­funded de­vice has hit a few de­vel­op­ment night­mares re­cently.

ABOVE Do you live in a noisy house? Fear not, for there’s tech to help you block the blighters out

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