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We play Marvel's Spi­der-Man, PES 2019 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Sony’s hav­ing a great year so far with their line-up of ex­clu­sives. God of War and Detroit: Be­come Hu­man brought ex­cel­lent sin­gle-player ex­pe­ri­ences, al­beit, cater­ing to a spe­cific au­di­ence.

Spi­der-Man, on the other hand, has a lot of fans — thanks to comic books, car­toons, and movies. Be­sides, it is im­por­tant to de­liver a game that sat­is­fies its fans and gamers.

In­som­niac Games’ it­er­a­tion shows Parker in his mid-20s, as an ac­tive su­per­hero and has pro­gressed with a new ca­reer and his per­sonal life.

We quite like the fact that the game does not fo­cus on how Peter Parker be­came Spi­der-Man, but in­stead, jumps right in show­ing us the ropes by throw­ing in a fight with Spi­der-Man’s neme­sis, Fisk. The first fight could prove daunt­ing if you’re not used to fast-paced ac­tion, but give it an hour or two and you’ll have a first-hand un­der­stand­ing of what it’s like to be your friendly neigh­bour­hood su­per­hero.

The rea­son be­hind this is In­som­niac’s im­pres­sive me­chan­ics that nails Spi­der-Man’s ac­tions, in­clud­ing travers­ing through Spi­der-Man’s world. Hold­ing R2 and push­ing for­ward, the left ana­log stick makes Spi­der-Man reach the ex­treme ends of the city with ease. The game plays fast travel as well but

web-swing­ing is so much fun.

Spi­der-Man is a su­per­hero based out of New York, and the game beau­ti­fully cap­tures the essence of the city com­plete with its tall, glossy sky­lines and bustling cityscape with that buzz of ac­tiv­ity on the ground, if you do de­cide to take a walk. The crowd is re­ac­tive to spidey’s ac­tions and will re­spond to his pres­ence by click­ing self­ies or duck­ing when he’s swing­ing low to the ground. Spi­der-Man can also high-five ran­dom New York­ers and earn XP in re­turn. Ci­ti­zens will also take on a Twit­ter-like so­cial me­dia to com­ment on pol­i­tics, crime and of course, Spi­der-Man’s ac­tions. How­ever, a dy­namic fol­lower count for our favourite su­per­hero de­pend­ing on his pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive ac­tion would have added that ex­tra touch to the lit­tle de­tails that make the game a re­al­is­tic de­pic­tion of a mod­ern-day set­ting. But, we’re okay with or with­out it be­cause their vir­tual world is lively and beau­ti­ful nonethe­less.

In­ter­est­ingly, the time is not dy­namic and changes ac­cord­ing to the mis­sion. The game al­lows you to con­trol night and day as you progress in the story. How­ever, that works only when you’re not on any mis­sions.

When it comes to com­bat, Spi­der-Man gen­er­ally tack­les mul­ti­ple en­e­mies at once, and it all de­pends on how good your re­flexes are when it comes to dodg­ing an in­com­ing at­tack, with a quick ma­neu­ver to coun­ter­at­tack in the next move. The fights can over­whelm some­times but with a com­bi­na­tion of dodg­ing, counter at­tacks, use of gad­gets and swing­ing in the air, it’s easy to beat even the fiercest of en­e­mies with some prac­tice.

If you’re a fan of Spi­der-Man suits, the game has plenty. Most of the suits pos­sess a spe­cial power and the best part is that once un­locked, you can use your favourite suit with any power. Spi­der-Man’s abil­i­ties can be up­graded as well, and mak­ing him learn new tricks al­lows for bet­ter prow­ess when han­dling more pow­er­ful en­e­mies.

The 20-22 hour main story feels pre­dictable, but it cer­tainly keeps you hooked with its ex­cit­ing game­play and good voice act­ing from all char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing the anti-Spi­der-Man guy, J. Jonah Jame­son. That said, we ex­pe­ri­enced a few glitches but they were few and far be­tween, which can eas­ily be solved with a fu­ture up­date.

All said and done, Marvel’s Spi­der-Man is an ex­cel­lent ef­fort by In­som­niac with its sim­ple and ad­dic­tive tra­ver­sal me­chan­ics and com­bat.

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