Are dash cams worth it?

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AWhat price do you put on se­cu­rity, safety, or the pos­si­bil­ity of cap­tur­ing footage of a crazy me­teor strike while you’re trundling along the high­way? Of course it’s worth it. De­cent dash cams are leav­ing China by the con­tain­er­load, so while we think you should plump for Garmin’s Dash Cam 55, you could get good re­sults with the Yi Smart Dash Cam­era. Your in­sur­ance will get cheaper and, as long as you in­stall the cam prop­erly, you’ll not even no­tice it’s there. One caveat, though: GaGu’s ex­pe­ri­ences at­tempt­ing to run the ca­bling for a rear-fac­ing cam­era were so neg­a­tive he was in­clined to dash the thing onto the pave­ment.

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